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Lisa Gold’s family action-adventure feature THE SECRET OF SHANGRI-LA was a Finalist in the 2023 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. Lisa has also written the script as a middle grade novel and is working on a limited series extended version of the project. Lisa has been a PAGE Finalist three years in a row with two different scripts.

THE SECRET OF SHANGRI-LA by Lisa M. Gold - script cover page - Lisa Gold.jpg

Marty Lang's dramedy pilot THE DAILY will be featured at the Catalyst Content Festival in Duluth, Minnesota this October. During the festival, Lang will run a mock writers room for a first season, with other Catalyst-winning TV writers, allowing festival goers to watch how writers rooms work.

LACMA's documentary series UNPACKING THE UNIVERSE, written and co-directed by Alexa Oona Schulz, received an Award of Excellence from the AAMA (Association of Art Museum Curators). The series explores how Indigenous knowledge from Colombia questions and re-shapes Western museum practices. Read the full announcement here and find out more about the documentary in this video. Photo credit: Liz Ligon

AlexaSchulz_AAMC_pic1 - Alexa Schulz.jpg

Latino screenwriter Gabriel Brugni da Cruz recently signed a deal with a Brazilian production company to write a feature film. The project is set to begin in early April.

Roxanne Beck headshot_edited.jpg

Roxanne Raye signed a shopping agreement with Lamar Richardson and Zaire Julion's production company Ivy Lion Productions for her pilot THE QUEEN OF MAGIC. Hers is the first TV series they have chosen to develop.

IWC Member Monique Madrid has authored a new history kid's podcast - "Time Traveling Tonya", launched through GoKidGo. "Time Traveling Tonya" follows Tonya Infinity, an inquisitive 8-year-old and her best friend Gertie, a 186-year-old Galapagos tortoise with a special time-traveling shell. Each mini-history lessons takes us back in time to meet awe-inspiring historical figures, blending humor with factual information. Together with GoKidGo, the series is created, written and voiced by Monique Madrid. The target age is for kids 5-11, but adults are loving it too!

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