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Alec Moore

Alec Moore is a comedy writer who has developed pilots and features with numerous production companies and written for FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK, produced by Byron Allen. He's currently co-producing his first feature to get made, ADVANCED CHEMISTRY (starring cast members of HBO Max's OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH and HBO's BARRY). He was a writer for the 2017 CBS Diversity Sketch Showcase. Alec was a Scriptapalooza finalist with his 30 Rock spec script, HEALTH SCARE PLAN, and a 2015 semi-finalist for Universal's Emerging Writers Fellowship with the feature version of his script THE NINTH LIFE OF CAT-MAN. His short story OPTIMISTIC TOM was a selection of The New Short Fiction Series as part of its annual Emerging Voices Group Show in 2015. Alec graduated from UCLA's MFA in Screenwriting program in 2014. His web series THE PUBLIC OFFENDER would be very critically acclaimed if critics were aware of it. His mother will also be happy to tell you additional nice things about him. He appreciates that you have read all the way to the end of his bio.

Honors and Awards

Dances With Films: NY Official Selection - Advanced Chemistry - 2023


Male, Over 40

Alec Moore


(comedy feature)

Unable to bear the fact that his sister’s new fiancee doesn’t vibe with him the way her ex-girlfriends did, a codependent treehouse designer tries desperately to befriend the fiancee, jeopardizing his relationship with his own fiancee.


(comedy feature and pilot)

An OCD guy who struggles in life but is finally getting things to go his way has his life upended when his charming, suave twin who he’s always resented moves across the country and into his life, taking over his friends and winning the heart of his would-be girlfriend. And worse, people start getting murdered. 


(animated pilot)

When Cat-Man dies for the eighth time, he must retire from being a superhero and try to live a "normal" life. When living under his disapproving father's watchful eye proves intolerable, he ends up living in a halfway house with his sexy female super-villain arch-nemesis who killed him twice.

Character-driven, BIPOC-centric, Queer, Animation, Silly, Sketch

Male, Over 40


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