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The IWC is only as strong as the people who support and believe in us. We thank them for fostering our membership as we work to bring our stories to the world at large.

The Stunt List Initiatives and Showcases are created by writers, for writers, and aims to amplify a diverse portfolio of voices through various writer-forward initiatives and radical kindness.

Their website vibe is created by Ash Lazer and Justin H. Olson and aims to feel like a “Netflix For Writers”—projecting a completed brand image at the script stage. The Stunt List Website is created by Ash Lazer and Eric Moyer, Executive Produced by Elizabeth Ditty, and runs on the sweat equity of a team of brilliant creators. In addition to The Stunt List showcase, they’ve recently expanded into market-ready screenplay initiatives, called The Dead List and The Originals Bureau.

The only program of its kind in the world, The Writers Lab was launched in 2015 with Meryl Streep as its founding advocate. A non-profit incubator that amplifies cinematic stories by women over 40, our mission is to discover and promote superior film and television content by underrepresented storytellers, bringing truth and balance to the collective narrative.


The founders Elizabeth Kaiden and Nitza Wilon partner with New York Women in FIlm & Television to build a yearly retreat and incubation for a select group of writers and also to present programming for the community.

The Writers Lab

Roadmap Writers is a screenwriting education and training platform for people looking for a guided path to professional success writing for film and tv. Our programs are hosted by working industry executives and are designed to empower writers with actionable tools and insights to elevate their craft and cultivate relationships with industry professionals. Founded in 2016, by Joey Tuccio and Dorian Connelley, Roadmap has helped over 380 writers sign with representation, while countless others have gotten staffed on tv shows, had their scripts optioned, or sold their scripts.

Enter Roadmap Writers, a team of industry veterans dedicated to equipping screenwriters with the real-world tools and training needed to take their career to the next level.

DMA is a strategic consultant and entertainment executive. "I help people find their 'blue sky' then design a clear gameplan to reach it. I've set record ratings as a TV producer, showrunner and production company owner, earned two patents as a tech entrepreneur and am a motivational speaker and trainer to solopreneurs and leaders in the private, non-profit and public sectors. I give you the steps, support and strategy to finally DO the darned thing." 

DMA spoke with the IWC membership and challenged us to reach for goals outside of our comfort zones. She continues to inspire us to think bigger. To learn more about DMA and experience her powerful guidance firsthand, visit PlanetDMA.

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