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Your Next Great Project Begins with an IWC Writer

About Us

The Independent Writers' Caucus was founded in January of 2022 following the dissolution of the Writers Guild of America (West) Caucuses. The program was a way to integrate writers into the Guild and help prepare them for full membership. Over 150 vetted, professional writers found each other and fashioned its own powerful infrastructure to create opportunities for their collective membership. From those passionate beginnings, the Independent Writers' Caucus was born.

Our membership is notably diverse - with over half of the Caucus identifying as female, a quarter as LGBTQ+, some as veterans, neurodiverse, disabled, First People, Middle Eastern, Latinx, AAPI, African-American, immigrant, multi-ethnic and more. Our diversity serves the mandates of ever-expanding, modern writers' rooms.


We are professional, motivated, inspired storytellers with a cache of materials - ready to help bring story to life in the world. 

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The 2023 window for New Member Applications has now closed. Please check back in Fall 2024.
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