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Matt Harry

Manager: Dash Aiken, Romark Films -

Growing up in suburban Ohio, Matt quickly realized he was unlike other kids. While they were trading baseball cards, he was reading Naked Lunch. When they gossiped at football games, he snuck off to the library to write funny plays. In college, he found his fellow weirdos (filmmakers). Since then he has published four novels, sold a TV pilot, and created an interactive play. He also worked as an editor for 15 years. He's still weird.

Honors & Awards

Top 100, Launchpad Manuscript Contest - GHOST DICK - 2022

Finalist, Stowe Story Labs - VANISHING POINT - 2021

Semifinalist, Screencraft Comedy Competition - MONSTER COPS - 2022

WGA Associate Member

Male, Over 40

Matt Harry


(Half-hour Comedy)

In a world where monsters are real and (somewhat) accepted by society, a tough ex-monster hunter and a vegan werewolf team up to catch those who break the law.


Feature Horror

Unable to sleep, a young psychiatry student listens to a mysterious sleep podcast, and falls victim to increasingly dangerous hallucinations.


(Feature Thriller)

Four co-workers discover a chest filled with $6 million buried in the Mojave desert and decide to carry it out on foot, beginning a grueling two-day trek that culminates in paranoia, lies, and murder.

Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Coming-of-Age, YA, Children's, Animation

Male, Over 40


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