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Kim Turner


Kim Turner is a professional screenwriter and has performed in improvisational and sketch comedy for over 25 years. She was in the nation's first all-female improv team, "Big Purse", in 1992. She complemented this work with an Associates Degree in Theater from Palm Beach State College.

Kim attended the Second City Training Program in Chicago - completing both the writing and improvisation programs and being accepted (on the first attempt) to its exclusive Conservatory Program. Additionally, she completed the writing program at iO (formerly Improv Olympic) and worked with the Annoyance Theater (Chicago).

Following her experience in Chicago, Kim was selected as one of twelve screenwriters for the inaugural Meryl Streep Writers Lab in 2015 (and only comedy!). Kim has quartered, semifinaled or finaled at the Austin Film Festival, the Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship, Stowe Story Labs (Tangerine Fellowship), Final Draft/Big Break and many others.

Kim makes tremendous chocolate chip cookies and reads stories aloud in unique voices. She has a comprehensive knowledge of 80s trivia, Star Trek lore and can recite much of the dialogue from the animated Hobbit and Raising Arizona.

Honors & Awards

The Writers Lab supported by Meryl Streep - (Comedy Feature) - Winner - Christy's Got Cancer! - 2015 (Inaugural year)

Austin Film Festival (Comedy Feature) - Semifinalist - Christy's Got Cancer! - 2020

Final Draft/Big Break (Comedy Pilot) - Semifinalist - Medicine Show - 2020


Female, Over 40

Kim Turner


(Comedy Feature - Think Little Miss Sunshine meets The Big Sick)

When Kate’s hypochondriac, maelstrom of a self-involved mother gets the kind of news no one (but she) wants, Kate must marshal her family’s collective dysfunctional superpowers to come up with a care plan and resolve their relationship in time.


(Half-hour Western Comedy - 30 Rock meets Blazing Saddles)

A glorified confidence man finds himself in desperate need of help when he is discovered half-dead in the desert by a First Nations woman and a traveler looking to settle in the Old West.


(Feature Comedy)

A gay Southern gentleman hasn't hosted one of his renowned, elegant dinners since his husband of 30 years ran off with a boy from the local car wash - but he will tonight - and whether they know it or not, his family and friends will play their parts in his grander plan.

Character-driven, Sketch, Satire, Late Night, Magical Realism, Bittersweet, Dark, Fantasy

Female, Over 40


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