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Tony Ferrendelli


Tony Ferrendelli is a Colorado native who sporadically relocates to Southern California because it doesn’t snow. There are more reasons but this is the short version.

His earliest writing memory was...blah, blah, blah.

His background is comedy and there’s a strong humorous element that leans toward sarcastic or observational present in his writing. His stories are largely character-driven and include people uncomfortable with themselves who must change to move forward.

Tony is equally versed in developing and delivering a strong dramatic story.

Much to the dismay of his 4th grade English teacher, and Mom, he can’t conjugate a sentence to save his life. Luckily for him, screenwriting allows a little leeway in that area as confirmed by his Top 50 placement with Academy Nicholl Fellowships and his Finalist placement at Austin Film Festival.

Current project: Exploring the dark comedic depths of medically-assisted suicide with his writing partner, and the significantly funnier, Kim Turner.


Male, 55+, Over 40

Tony Ferrendelli


(Feature/Drama, Historical Fiction)

In the final chaotic hours of the US exodus from Saigon, a grieving Marine struggles against enemy soldiers — some of whom share his uniform — in order to shepherd an orphaned 8-year-old Vietnamese girl to the American embassy.


(Pilot/Comedy; Hybrid live action and animation)

An irresponsible fairy in danger of being expelled from the fairy union and reduced to mere human status, forces her godmothering services on a comedian who has trouble saying no.


(Feature/Supernatural Comedy)

A down-on-his-luck 20-something accidentally sells his girlfriend’s soul to Satan and must go to Hell to retrieve it.

Character-driven, Dark, Snarky

Male, 55+, Over 40


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