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Steve Holbert

Steve comes from a long line of carneys and sex workers. He grew up in the trailer parks of Georgia’s poorest town. He paid the bills by selling food stamps and tombstones. After becoming a first-generation college student, he paid the bills hosting drag shows and doing wedding makeup.

Steve moved back to the trailer park when his dad became terminally ill. He was his caregiver until his father died. Then, the state dropped two kids on his porch, and he became a foster parent to his teenage and four-year-old cousins. Now, he is a thirty-year-old grandpa.

Growing up, the media always portrayed Appalachian Americans as victims, so Steve makes sure the next generation sees themselves as heroes. Then, life can finally imitate art. He writes hour TV and features that explore bi-ness, using queer teens, horror, and the South.

He's had generals with Glen Mazzara, Berlanti Productions, Paramount, and others, and was a writer’s assistant for Heidi Schreck, Evette Vargas, Katie Tabaldi, and AT HOME WITH AMY SEDARIS.

When not writing, Steve is an amateur ghost hunter. He volunteers at nursing homes, so has attended over 300 funerals. He was a classical pianist for ten years. If Pokémon were real, he'd be an ice-type gym leader. MFA in Dramatic Writing, NYU, Tisch School Of The Arts.


Male, LGBTQ+

Steve Holbert


(Feature - WRONG TURN meets SHAMELESS)

In this horror remix of The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, a waitress saves her runaway brother from a family of killers and learns the meaning of “home.”


(Hour Drama - MEAN GIRLS meets THE LOST BOYS)

A trailer park virgin sneaks off to his first Pride seeking community. But he finds a herd of killer unicorns.


(Hour Drama - SWEENEY TODD meets SHAMELESS) 

A broke foster parent is losing his family’s barbecue shack – until he finds a killer, free meat supply.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Queer, Fantasy, Horror, Coming-of-Age, YA, Dark

Male, LGBTQ+


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