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Terri B Spaugh

Terri Spaugh is an independent writer and story producer who grew up on the Texas-Louisiana border who also lived in Los Angeles and Chicago before rooting herself southwest of Austin. She grew up doused in mixed cultures, which serves as spice in her work. Born on her father’s birthday, she was the baby in the family and was dealt a lot of misery by her siblings. Her hero is her father, a gentle soul who worked all his life in the south Texas refineries that caused his fatal lung cancer. Acadian mixed with Scots-Irish, Terri’s family history includes her many greats-ago uncle, Daniel Boone. After a divorce, she left her teaching and moved to a small town southwest of Austin where she worked as a geophysicist manager for a Scottish firm while completing both UCLA’s Graduate Professional Screenwriting Programs. She later co-founded the Texas Film Institute, wrote a sci-fi family feature FIELDS AFIRE and multiple short films, published in Creative Screenwriting Magazine, and penned several novels. She credits fortitude for changing her narrative.

Honors & Awards

Finalist, ISA Thriller/Horror Competition - BAYAGOULA - 2021

Semifinalist, ISA Emerging Screenwriters Competition - CLINGING TO BONE - 2022

Semifinalist, InkTip Holiday Genre Contest - MIRACLE ON MAIN STREET - 2022

Co-writer: Lise Pyles


Female, Over 40, Over 55

Terri B Spaugh


(Southern gothic crime thriller)

An aloof young woman suffering from PTSD returns to her hometown where her presence rekindles a killer’s desire for murder.


(Southern gothic crime thriller)

After a severe reprimand, a state trooper hides out in her childhood home and becomes embroiled in the disappearance of her Senator father and the corruption he’s sown.


(Period Western)

A hapless farm boy, searching for his kidnapped cousin, joins forces with a priest-turned-gunfighter to redeem her from a Spanish flesh-trader.

Female-centric, Crime, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Psychological, Historical/Alternative History, YA

Female, Over 40, Over 55


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