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Roxanne Beck Raye

Originally from Arkansas (it's between Tennessee and Oklahoma), screenwriter, author, and actor Roxanne Beck Raye has been writing stories since she was seven. Credits include MISS FAMOUS starring Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Kimmel (included in the James Franco anthology THE HEYDAY OF THE INSENSITIVE BASTARDS, available on Prime) as well as uncredited polishes and rewrites for studios and production companies. Roxanne's TV drama pilot THE QUEEN OF MAGIC received a "9" rating from The Black List. Recently optioned by Lamar Richardson of Ivy Lion Productions, the script ranks in the Top 1% of Coverfly's TV Dramas, 2024. Roxanne's scripts tend to focus on women who won't be silenced, and underdogs who never give up. She is a member of the Independent Writers Caucus (the former WGA Caucus), an alum of the Women in Film Mentorship Program, and SAG-AFTRA. Roxanne holds an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA (Humanitas Drama Fellowship nomination, Oliver's Prize.) She lives in LA with her wonderful dogs Dolly and Lucky.

Honors & Awards

Semifinalist, Stage 32 Female-Driven Screenwriting Contest - THE QUEEN OF MAGIC - 2022

Semifinalist, Emerging Screenwriters Drama Screenplay Competition - THE QUEEN OF MAGIC - 2022

Second-Rounder, Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition - FLORIDA - 2019


Female, Over 40

Roxanne Beck Raye


(TV Drama)

The relentlessly ambitious daughter of a Midwest circus owner must overcome the hurdles of her father's objections, a rival magician, and 1920s sexism to become the "Queen of Magic" and the greatest female magician of the 20th century.


(TV Drama)

An agnostic actress must choose between her career and a new calling when her best friend, a gifted healer, bequeaths her with the gift of healing on her deathbed.



Cousins Luke, 19, and Matt, 22, set out on a road trip from North Carolina to Florida on spring break in 1982, envisioning a week of easy girls, alcohol, and partying. But when they pick up a beautiful, pregnant young hitchhiker, their lives will be changed forever.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Historical/Alternative History, Coming-of-Age, Animation, Satire, Dark, Magical Realism

Female, Over 40


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