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Mark DeCarlo

Mark is a Founding member of THE SECOND CITY Hollywood. In addition to hosting 1000+ hours of TV, for the past decade, Mark has written, hosted and produced Emmy Award-winning, man-on-the-street comedy for ABC’s WINDY CITY LIVE.

On the big screen, Mark produced, co-wrote (with Ryan Rowe), and stars in the animated 2024 Asymmetric Studios feature: PINOCCHIO & THE WATER OF LIFE.

Mark partnered with VES award-winning VFX futurist Julian Sarmiento to found CREATIVE DISRUPTION PARTNERS, a real-time animation studio that produced live cartoon events at LA COMICCON, the first to feature a cartoon on a real stage with real humans.

His first sale of 2024 is SUCKERZ, a comedy feature about two Geeks trying to save the world from an alien invasion will also feature CDP’s blend of naturalistic and grotesque animated characters sharing the screen with humans… for a laugh.

His 3D animated 2023 spec pilot MEET THE WALKERZ is the story of the first family of zombies to go vegetarian as they re-integrate into the human world.

Currently, Mark is seeking new management to market his spec pilot PROCESSING: EARTH, an alien mocumentary focusing on the daily life of ‘Losers of the Galaxy.' The show employs CDP’s ability to feature animated characters and humans in the same frame, live to air.

Mark is the voice of pie-loving Hugh Neutron in JIMMY NEUTRON, BOY GENIUS.

Honors & Awards

Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Performer - Windy City Live 2012, 2013, 2014

Associate Member

Multi-ethnic, 40+

Mark DeCarlo


(Sci-Fi, Comedy, Thriller - think DON'T LOOK UP)

A NASA intern and conspiracy podcast host infiltrate a New Age guru's cabal to thwart an alien/world government alliance to enslave 5% of humanity, by raising Earth's temperature while devouring the rest.


(Sci-Fi, Adult Animation, Comedy - think THE OFFICE)

The comedic frictions aboard EV 996, a cloaked alien vessel crewed by the "Losers of the Galaxy" - disgruntled, inept, and grotesque ET's responsible for centuries of human abductions, intensify as the deadline for an Alien Invasion of Earth approaches.

Multi-ethnic, 40+


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