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Julie Dare

Rep: Jacob Snyder, Manager - Sugar23

At 13, Julie Dare was knocked out of The National Spelling Bee by a tichorrhine, an extinct woolly mammoth. This established her lifelong missions: to conquer the written word and exact vengeance on tichorrhines.

In the years since, she’s worked as a radio copywriter and voice talent, served as a staff writer on two seasons of the streaming drama series 5TH WARD, taught Writing for Film and Television in the MFA program at Full Sail University, wrote audio description writer for hundreds of hours of film and television (including RESERVATION DOGS, BLACK LIGHTNING, RIVERDALE, GREY’S ANATOMY, OKJA, and THE NUN), and has authored over 40 illustrated children’s books. She's been mentored by acclaimed writer/director Nancy Meyers and assisted director Corin Hardy on the horror feature THE NUN for New Line Cinema.

Julie currently works as a Script Consultant and is working on her first novel. And while no one's yet resurrected a tichorrhine for her to slay in real life, Julie's bard gnome is prepared with a killer vicious mockery spell should one appear within her D&D campaign.


Female, 40+

Julie Dare


feature comedy

When spoiled slacker CJ’s dad replaces her with a “perfect” clone to have at his side for his bid for Florida governor, CJ’s locked away with her remaining clones, all of whom embody her worst flaws - flaws she must conquer in order to reclaim her life from the a-hole clone who’s assumed her identity.


Half hour TV Drama

With the help of a book of life advice from her older sister, a spirited but disillusioned teen finds the best advice on life from someone who chose to die.


Half hour TV Comedy

Big Words follows the Gordon family - an orthodontist, an author, and a former National Spelling Bee champ - all of whom have complicated relationships with words and with one another.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Crime, Thriller, Western, Romantic, Sci-Fi, Horror

Female, 40+


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