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Joseph Mwamba

Kate Prentice & Doorie Lee, 42 -;

Joseph Mwamba is a first-generation African-American Y.A. writer from Indiana. He's recently been named to ISA's Top 25 Screenwriter to Watch in 2023 and wrote an episode as a Writers' Assistant for Season 2 of an upcoming Netflix action series. Prior, he was the Writers’ PA for Season 4 of Netflix's psychological thriller YOU and Season 2 of Apple TV's mystery-comedy THE AFTERPARTY. Previously an assistant for two TV Lit agents at UTA, Joe was selected into Rideback Rise Fellowship as a Circle Member, Coverfly's Endorsed Writer Program, and Roadmap Writer's Support Staff Initiative. His Y.A. action dramedy THE KNIGHT'S PHOENIX won the 2022 Grand Prize in the Emerging Screenwriters Action & Adventure Pilot Competition and has been selected into the 2023 Original Bureau. He’s currently repped by Kate Prentice and Doorie Lee at 42.

Honors & Awards

Disney Writing Fellowship Finalist - 2024

Top 25 Screenwriters to Know, ISA - 2023

Grand Prize Winner, Emerging Screenwriter Action & Adventure Pilot Competition - THE KNIGHT'S PHOENIX - 2022


Male, BIPOC, Black

Joseph Mwamba


(Y.A. Action Drama - HARRY POTTER meets KINGSMEN)

The unsettling arrival of a new teen helps a principal launch the CIA’s secret prep academy into disorder as faculty and students find their secrets are no longer safe.


(Y.A. Mystery Dramedy - VERONICA MARS meets SEX EDUCATION with a dash of WANDAVISION)

A teen with crippling social anxiety starts a high school detective agency, secretly using its intel on students to find his missing twin sister.

Coming-of-Age, YA

Male, BIPOC, Black


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