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Joelle Luman

Filipina-American screenwriter Joelle Luman grew up in a household that was anything but ordinary. Her father was an engineer who traveled across America designing nuclear power plants while her mother was a licensed international arms dealer.

Joelle’s professional career began when she decided to work with her mother. She soon found herself in the arms trade making deals for high-tech weaponry and military equipment with the likes of steely generals, questionable politicians, and power-hungry CEOs in the Philippines. Her life experiences fueled her imagination to become a storyteller with a passion for drama, action, thrillers, horror, and grounded sci-fi.

A graduate of USC, Joelle participated in the 2018-2019 Universal Writers Program where she wrote two feature scripts for Universal Pictures, and consulted on a film project in development at the studio. She also landed spots on the 2019 Hit List and the 2021 Next List. More recently, Joelle wrote a pilot and developed a horror series for Crypt TV. Before becoming a screenwriter, Joelle produced highly-rated unscripted television shows for more than a decade, including Bravo TV’s Emmy award-winning series “Top Chef,” CBS’s “Big Brother,” and NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” Joelle is a member of the WGA, Television Academy, PGA, and HRTS.

WGA Member

Female, BIPOC, Asian, Multi-Ethnic, 40+

Joelle Luman



Based on a true story, a struggling young woman reluctantly works for her estranged mother, an international arms dealer who believes nothing is more important than closing the deal, including family.

Character-driven, Female-centric, BIPOC-centric, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror, Dark, International

Female, BIPOC, Asian, Multi-Ethnic, 40+


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