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Dana Braziel-Solovy

A former Chicago punk rocker, Dana Braziel-Solovy knows how to rebel and promises only to do so for good. By creating feminist comedy and dramedy television shows, she fights the patriarchy with nothing but her computer keyboard. She calls it, "QWERTY Hurty."

Having grown up with a suicidal mother, Dana knows the importance of safe forms of escapism. Her writing seeks to cure pain through laughter and examines the human condition. Dana's first foray, a comic book mini-series, landed her on the Diamond indie bestsellers list twice.

To support her compulsive writing habits, Dana works as a television Art Director with credits on shows such as CSI: VEGAS and WANDAVISION.

Honors & Awards

Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship - NO GIRLS IN THE GANG - 2023

Women in Film Mentee, 2022


Female, LGBTQ+

Dana Braziel-Solovy


(Half-Hour Dark Comedy)

When one of six bonded serial killers gets arrested, the remaining members must recruit a new murderer to their crew without drawing any attention from the authorities.


(Half-Hour Comedy)

After being bullied by her judgy suburban peers, a misunderstood 2000s high-schooler seeks acceptance from a punk rock gang in the city and tries everything to become the first girl in the gang. Inspired by a true story.


(Hourlong Magical Realist Crime Drama)

A rebellious thrift shop owner with a rare gift — the ability to see into people’s memories by putting on their clothes — helps an ambitious detective solve crimes despite bureaucratic sabotage and an ulterior motive: finding her own mother’s murderer.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Dark, Snarky, Magical Realism

Female, LGBTQ+


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