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Cynthia Crofoot

From a very young age it was apparent that Cynthia was born to tell stories. As a child, she would write short plays, cast her friends and perform them to a captive audience - her parents.

For the next many years, Cynthia's main focus was telling stories as an actor. However, she always longed for scripts that portrayed strong female characters in historically male-dominated roles. She desired scripts where women could be cops, FBI Agents, and military personnel - characters with robust story arcs and unique challenges to overcome in complex, nuanced worlds.

To fulfill that need, she wrote her first screenplay. A female-driven cop thriller called “Bracewater” which went on to win several awards. Following that success, her next screenplay, a short sci-fi called "Savior", also received acclaim.

Honors and Awards

Final Draft Big Break Competition, Quarterfinalist - BRACEWATER - 2021

Big Apple Screenplay Competition, Semi-Finalist - BRACEWATER - 2020

Hamilton Screenplay Competition, Top Ten Finalist BRACEWATER - 2021

Shriekfest Screenplay Competition, Quarterfinalist - SAVIOR - 2021

Hollywood Just 4 Shorts , Winner- SAVIOR - 2021

Toronto Independent FF, Winner - SAVIOR - 2021

Global Shorts, Top 10 Finalist - SAVIOR - 2021


Female, 55+

Cynthia Crofoot



A menopausal FBI agent hunting a group of vicious women who maintain their youth through cannibalistic rituals, must embrace the strength and beauty of her older self in order to defeat the murderous sect.



A middle-aged woman seeks to find light in the darkness that engulfs her after the death of her husband while a high-school valedictorian slides from a life filled with light and promise into one of death and darkness.


Cop Thriller/Drama

A highly decorated small town detective is put on leave after her sister commits suicide, but when a close family friend disappears, she convinces her captain to reinstate her, unaware that the DA involved is withholding pertinent information about a murderous criminal they believe is responsible for the kidnapping.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Crime, Thriller, Western, Romantic, Sci-Fi, Horror

Female, 55+


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