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Arun K. Vir

Award-winning writer/director Arun K. Vir tells stories that capture hearts. Her honest approach to explorations of gender, race, and identity in America are her gifts as a storyteller in spaces and settings both local and completely unknown. 

A single mom living in New York and working multiple jobs, she collaborated with the Nuyorican Poets Café-Fifth Night series. Arun found her voice and wrote THE LAST WEEKEND earning her the prestigious "Directing Workshop for Women Award." She then moved to Los Angeles with her daughter to develop her project.

THE LAST WEEKEND, starring the late Suzanne Douglas (PARENTHOOD) won Best Short at the Pan African Film Festival. Continuing to sharpen her skills as a director, Arun wrote and directed more shorts including RESET, nominated by The Africa Movie Academy Awards & Winner of Programmers-Pan African FF. Arun’s feature script, SUBURBAN TURBAN was voted Finalist by The Academy Nicholl Fellowship in 2016. She was a Pitch Finalist for the 2018 Humanitas New Voices Award and Semifinalist for Writers on the Verge in 2019. Her most scripts include pilots WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, THE GIVER, I LOVE YOU, and MONA SINGH and feature screenplay THE PERFECT CANDIDATE – a Final Draft/Rocaberti Winner.

Honors & Awards

Finalist, Nicholl Fellowship - SUBURBAN TURBAN - 2016

Semifinalist, NBC Universal Writers on the Verge - SUBURBAN TURBAN - 2019

Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Competition - RIVER MAMMA - 2022


Female, BIPOC, Asian

Arun K. Vir



1955. Harlem. The true story of Patricia Banks, a Harlem girl who had her heart set on achieving her dream job: Flight Attendant for Capital Airlines. But, at age 19, when Banks filed a lawsuit, not a single U.S. Airline had ever hired a black stewardess. 

Character-driven, Female-centric, BIPOC-centric, Queer, Thriller, Historical/Alternative History, Coming-of-Age, Dark

Female, BIPOC, Asian


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