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Victoria Renee

Manager: Jermaine Johnson of Zero Gravity Management

Victoria Renee is a writer, director, and producer. She is a Georgia native from College Park and Southwest Atlanta, GA. She is also a George Lucas Scholar and 2021 Master of Fine Arts graduate from the University of Southern California (USC)'s School of Cinematic Arts (SCA). Prior to becoming a filmmaker, she was an award-winning researcher, who earned her Master of Arts from Columbia University and her Bachelor of Science from Barry University, both concentrated in clinical and forensic psychology. She often code-switched on and off parts of her authentic self. It sucked. Thankfully, her code-switch broke when she embraced her artistry. Likewise, Victoria writes about characters who navigate different worlds and wrestle with self-acceptance. She pens dramas and dramedies about people within the African Diaspora living ordinary to extraordinary experiences. She aims for underrepresented people to feel seen and empowered by her work.


Female, BIPOC, Black

Victoria Renee


(Hourlong Drama)

Amirah avoided the family drug business and focused on software coding instead. But as she enters her freshman year at Columbia University, she reluctantly assumes control of the empire that killed her uncle in order to prevent a Bronx war.


(Coming-of-Age Black Family Dramedy)

After her best friend passes away, psychologist and fun "Auntie," Candice, is now responsible for her godchildren, Diamond (14) and Onyx (11). Candice must help them heal as they all act out in highly inappropriate sexual ways.


(Drama/Sci-Fi Feature)

Iyanna strives to become a scientist as the Crispr corporation where she works expands into designer DNA. After conceding to her best friend's desire to join a trial for a treatment that replaces one's appearance with more eurocentric features, Iyanna must find a cure to save her and millions of others.

Character-driven, Female-centric, BIPOC-centric, Crime, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Horror, Coming-of-Age

Female, BIPOC, Black


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