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Veronica Chavira

Veronica is a Los Angeles-based queer Latinx feature and TV dramedy writer whose family hails from East Los Angeles. She writes character driven coming-of-age stories about people who challenge the status quo and forge new paths with humor and gusto to create a better world. She attained her MFA in Screenwriting from Stephens College and is a proud active volunteer at the LGBT Center in Los Angeles.

Honors & Awards

Semifinalist - Austin Film Festival - NOT YOUR CHINA DOLL - 2022

2nd Rounder - Austin Film Festival - ON HER TURF - 2022

2nd Rounder - Austin Film Festival - THE WIN - 2022


Female, Latinx, LGBTQ+

Veronica Chavira


(One hour Drama - think SELF MADE, MAID)

In 1915, Asian American film pioneer Marion Wong decides to become a silent filmmaker after watching a racist Hollywood film of actors in yellow face to tell authentic Asian stories in the face of her family and society’s opposition.


(Half-hour Dramedy - think FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, GLOW)

Identical twins Summ and Sarah were raised by their father, an NFL legend, to be athletic and driven. Together they dreamed of playing on the university football team until Sarah finds a newfound calling: to join a sorority.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Queer, Coming-of-Age, Limited Series

Female, Latinx, LGBTQ+


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