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Steven Goldman

Escaping NY in his 20s, Steve started working in the UK with a comedic essay he slipped under the door at The Sunday Times. Apparently, it wasn’t half bad. Over the years, he's had the pleasure of interviewing Jane Birkin at a sewage treatment plant in the South of France, discussing Andrei Tarkovsky with Woody Allen in Chinatown while staring at his shoes (brown), and not getting thumped by Harvey Weinstein over lunch. He's been embedded with a film crew in a Panamanian rainforest, watched a surgeon give a man breast implants, and attended more press conferences than he would care to remember (or admit). Along the way, Steven has written two pretty cool cartoons (voiced by Tim Curry & Lynn Redgrave) based on the Eloise books by Kay Thompson and Hilar Knight. He teaches sea kayaking (at UCLA), has completed two circumnavigations of Manhattan (we made up), co-led two open-sea crossings to Catalina, and, most recently, joined a small group of volunteers banding hummingbirds in southeastern Arizona. 



Steven Goldman


(Animated, Limited Series/Dark Comedy)

An eccentric drifter on the run from the law sets off to find his long lost brother, only to discover the man he’s looking for is the same man who’s pursuing him, and the mystical hitchhiker he’s picked up along the way may be planning to eat him.


(Feature Comedy)

A well-meaning minion turns his life into a living hell when he gets his wild man best friend a job as his assistant - but as he struggles to get rid of him, neither one is aware that the workplace itself is a front for a criminal operation and they’re both being set up as fall guys.

Character-driven, Animation, Limited Series



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