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Scott Sanford Tobis


Scott Sanford Tobis is a screenwriter, podcast contributor, videogame writer and LA Weekly nominated playwright (an award he proudly lost to the late Ray Bradbury). In addition to writing for film and television (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, ONCE IN A LIFETIME, Disney’s THE REPLACEMENTS, THE ROAST OF PAUL HOGAN, and more), he crafts articles for a number of magazines, co-wrote The Desperate Housewives Cookbook, and is currently working on a vaguely-autobiographical (a term he just invented) TV series, entitled UNMOORED. He is endlessly fascinated by the human condition and remains cautiously optimistic in a world that doesn't exactly engender optimism at the moment. That said, he is fully optimistic that he can be reached via the contact information listed above. Legal representation: David E. Harris



Male, Over 40

Scott Sanford Tobis



A deeply silly comedy about a decent man who becomes dissatisfied with a life of filing petty, frivolous lawsuits and decides to file a lucrative, frivolous lawsuit. Falling in love with opposing counsel was never part of the plan.


(Romantic Thriller/Elevated Horror - ROSEMARY'S BABY meets THE FLY)

THE NEW BLOOD unleashes the tale of a brilliant grad school student who uses a not-fully-tested nanotechnology breakthrough to save his fiancée from certain death. The nano-tech blood rapidly transforms her from a caring social worker to a dangerous creature with a seemingly endless thirst for blood. In the end, he realizes that he will have to kill the woman he loves to stop the terror.


(Biopic, Historical, Satire - co-written with Leigh Flayton)

In 1958, Dr. Edward Teller, with the help of the AEC, and the White House, embarked on an extraordinary experiment. Choosing a remote site in Alaska, less than sixty miles from the Soviet border, Dr. Teller endeavored to create an extraordinary man-made object -- a harbor to be created by the detonation of a nuclear bomb.

Character-driven, Science, Thriller, Romantic

Male, Over 40


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