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Saiya Floyd

Saiya Floyd is a Japanese-American screenwriter. As a kid, she was too shy to talk to people, so she made up stories in her head. She had so much fun that she decided to make this her career and went to study at Boston University. She graduated with a degree in Film and Television with a focus on screenwriting. (She learned to how to talk to people somewhere along the way).

In her work, Saiya explores new perspectives in historical, fantasy, and sci-fi stories. Her scripts are dramas, and often female-led. Through heightened worlds, she uncovers traits that make us the most human. She has been a finalist at the Austin Film Festival, a winner at WeScreenplay, and placed in the Launch Pad Top 50. Her short play Five Star First Date was part of Pan Asian Repertory Theatre’s NuWorks Festival.

When not writing, Saiya practices martial arts, cooks, and dreams of traveling to new places. She is interested in history, folklore, and mythology.


Female, Asian, Multi-Ethnic

Saiya Floyd


(Historical pilot - VIKINGS meets THE WHITE QUEEN)

The ambitious daughter of Henry I must navigate court politics, fight sexist nobles, and defy her own family in order to secure her rightful position as England’s first Queen.


(Historical Action Pilot – LEVERAGE meets WARRIOR)

San Francisco, 1925: A headstrong Japanese woman runs afoul of politicians, captains of industry, and gangsters in her quest to pay her father bloody retribution for betraying and abandoning her mother decades earlier. Anthology series inspired by Puccini’s Madame Butterfly.


(Sci-fi Feature – ROGUE ONE meets OCEAN'S 11)

After her mission to rescue two scientists and their water producing machine goes horribly wrong, a war-weary colonel teams up with the scientists’ grieving daughter to assemble a band of rebels, steal the machine back from an oppressive regime, and save their parched planet.

Character-driven, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical/Alternative History

Female, Asian, Multi-Ethnic


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