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Pepper Reed

Pepper Reed grew up devouring books sitting atop one of the turrets of the playhouse her dad built for her. She uses genre tropes as metaphors, inviting the audience to connect with people marked as “the other” who are trying to find their place in the unexpected worlds. 

Originally from Oklahoma, Pepper received her BFA from New York University & has directed short films, plays, & music videos. She also regularly wears historically inspired fashion that she sews herself.

Honors & Awards

Finalist, NBC Writers on the Verge - INNOCENT BLOOD - 2019

Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship - INNOCENT BLOOD - 2020

Quarterfinalist, Final Draft Big Break - GIRL ANACHRONISM - 2023


Female, 40+

Pepper Reed


(Sci-Fi TV Drama- Veronica Mars meets Quantum Leap)

A woman wakes up in her Junior year of high school after being in a car accident fourteen years to the day after a previous incident. Any changes she makes in the past modifies her present as she jumps back and forth in time whenever she falls asleep.


(Supernatural YA TV Drama - Riverdale meets The Vampire Diaries)

A young vampire struggles with her opposing desires to find the biological family she was kidnapped from as an infant and her adoptive family’s mission to rescue other vampires like themselves.

Female-centric, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical/Alternative History, Coming-of-Age, YA, Magical Realism

Female, 40+


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