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Nicholas Pangilinan


Nick is the nerdiest jock you'll ever meet. When he's not writing, he can be usually be found reading a comic book while wearing a hockey jersey.

As a writer, he's devoted to creating fun and diverse stories that also contain an impactful theme. Nick excels in writing horror, action, and comedy. He loves hearing the physical reaction that his words bring out whether it's a gasp, a scream, or a laugh. Even more importantly, his audiences emotionally connect to his scripts. Nick always likes to "hide the vegetables" by highlighting relatable and insightful themes inside entertaining stories.

He stamps his fingerprint into every script regardless of the genre, and he classifies his voice as "larger than life." His unique super power is to create stories that pop off the page and feature layered characters with distinct and sharp dialogue. Nick's stories always have strong sense of adventure no matter the size of the actual scale.

Nick has been a writer for hire, a finalist in the Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition, and a winner in multiple competitions: the Unique Voices Screenplay Competition, the Film & Screenplay Contest, and the WeScreenplay Feature Contest. Additionally, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan from Netflix's NEVER HAVE I EVER is attached to one of his pilots, and he has two other pilots with a producer attached who was a showrunner on a Peacock series.


Male, BIPOC, Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander

Nicholas Pangilinan


(Horror Comedy Feature - SCREAM meets CABIN IN THE WOODS meets CLUE)

Locked inside Horror-Con after a table reading, Brandy must survive a real murder mystery once a killer starts offing her castmates. But when the suspects are all minorities, that's one horror trope she can't rely on when guessing who’s going to die next.


(Action Adventure Pilot - UMBRELLA ACADEMY meets SMALLVILLE meets A KNIGHT'S TALE)

Legend says that Galahad will eventually be the last knight of the infamous Round Table -- But today, he's just a teenage scalawag who wants to win a squire tournament... and maybe squeeze in the time to unmask the Red Knight and save the kingdom.


(Comedy Sitcom Pilot - COMMUNITY meets MYTHIC QUEST meets BARRY)

In an effort to win an acting role, Bryan must lead his team through a mystical (and bonkers) battle of magic and knights to obtain a hidden amulet and impress the "Sofa King." No, this isn't Mordor, Hogwarts, or Westeros. This is... LARP?

Character-driven, BIPOC-centric, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror, YA, Silly, Snarky

Male, BIPOC, Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander


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