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Marty Lang

Manager: Mark Myers, Citizen Skull Management

Marty Lang is an Assistant Professor of Film at the University of Memphis. He has written and directed two feature films, STAY WITH ME, Best Feature Film at the 2022 Southeastern New England Film Festival, and RISING STAR, released worldwide by Content Film. His web series writing credits include MAX AND FRIENDS!, Best Comedy Writing winner at the 2022 International Academy of Web Television Awards, and THE DAILY, a SeriesFest 2020 world premiere. He is also a prolific independent film producer, whose credits include the web series THE RIDE, a Sundance 2020 world premiere, OUT OF MY HAND, a 2016 Indie Spirit Award nominee, and CHOMPY & THE GIRLS, featuring Udo Kier, released in 2021 by Freestyle Digital Media. 

Honors & Awards

Best Feature Film, Southeastern New England Film Festival - STAY WITH ME - 2022

Best Comedy Writing, International Academy of Web Television - MAX AND FRIENDS - 2022

Jury Prize, Best Arkansas Film, Arkansas Shorts Film Festival - THE DAILY - 2022


Male, Disabled, Over 40

Marty Lang


(One hour sci-fi drama)

A skittish social media director uses deepfake audio and video to help her mother become Missouri's governor, which brings tragic results - and a new mission that will utilize her unique technology skills.


(Half hour drama)

An intrepid college journalist discovers a conspiracy at her university, but must navigate the politics of journalism to get the story out into the world. Based on Lang's award-winning webseries.


(Feature comedy)

A serial dater learns the value of commitment when he has a threesome with two women - and gets them both pregnant.

Character-driven, Coming-of-Age, Satire, Bittersweet, Naturalistic

Male, Disabled, Over 40


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