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Lisanne Sartor

Lisanne Sartor gained early notoriety for: 

1) Calling her fourth-grade teacher a female chauvinist for not letting girls play kickball (a clear outrage). 

2) Teaching sex-ed seminars to her fifth-grade cohorts using Judy Blum’s FOREVER (how proud were her parents? Surprisingly, not very). 

3) Calling her eighth-grade teacher a bitch for unfairly penalizing another student (While her principal shared her opinion, he told her she should keep such opinions to herself. Lesson not learned). 

Sartor’s outspoken nature led her to become a Los Angeles DGA assistant director (film and TV set middle management). After seven years, she had a bad back, nerve damage in her feet, and a Biblical appreciation for caffeine. She quit to write and direct. She has a UCLA Screenwriting MFA and has participated in such prestigious residencies and programs as Yaddo, Hedgebrook, Storyknife, the AFI Directing Workshop for Women, and the WGA Feature Writers Access Program. She’s won awards like the Samuel Goldwyn, the Script Pipeline First Look Project, and the Shore Scripts Feature Contest and has had a screenplay made into a Lifetime MOW. She’s also written and directed five award-winning short films that have screened in hundreds of worldwide festivals like Telluride and Cannes. She hones her writing skills by teaching at UCLA, The CineStory Foundation, Stephens, AFI, and Disney. She never looks back.


Female, 40+

Lisanne Sartor


(Feature Drama)

A mom’s struggle to connect with her autistic son, repair her fraught relationship with her estranged mother, and navigate her son’s diagnosis with the help of a troubled neuropsychologist force her to come to terms with her own autism.


(Feature Thriller)

A woman returns home to Vermont with her daughter to start anew following a separation from her adulterous husband, but a community member harboring decades-old resentment begins torturing her to enact revenge for a past loss.


(Dramedy Pilot)

After her husband suffers financial problems, a minister’s wife is forced to take a job notifying people they’ve been exposed to STDs. Though her first case starts out as straightforward gonorrhea notifications, she soon discovers that the case has spread like wildfire and the flames are burning down her front door.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Crime, Thriller, Coming-of-Age, Dark

Female, 40+


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