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Lisa Kors

A daughter of immigrants, Lisa Kors was raised in Yonkers, NY. Her love of storytelling was shaped by a dad who played handball with FBI guys and a social worker mom whose clients kept finding dead bodies on the job. (Yonkers was a big garbage mafia town back then, so maybe not so weird…?) It was a childhood where fiction couldn't hold a candle to truth. To this day, Lisa writes stories with a vein of truth in them but now her relationships with troubled heroes play out solely on paper. A confetti gun of ideas, Lisa has never had a job she didn’t love.

Honors & Awards

Coverfly Top 2% of Thriller/Horror TV Pilots - THE DRAGON OF HANDALE - 2022

Finalist, We Screenplay Diverse Voices Competition - THE DRAGON OF HANDALE - 2022

Finalist, ScreenCraft Horror Competition - THE DRAGON OF HANDALE - 2022


Female, Non-binary

Lisa Kors


(GAME OF THONES x Agatha Christie)

Based on a popular British novel series, THE DRAGON OF HANDALE follows the adventures of a badass young widow turned sleuth, Hildegard of York (28) who investigates a gruesome series of murders at the convent where bad nuns are sent to be punished.



Inspired by a real hospital in Saudi Arabia, PRINCES' HOSPITAL is a one-hour drama that follows the adventures of the extravagantly paid ex-pat doctors and nurses who treat only the 20,000 members of the royal family. Money, rules and secrets abound.

Female-centric, Medical, Crime, Thriller, Procedural, Psychological, Horror, International

Female, Non-binary


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