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Lisa Kors

A daughter of immigrants, Lisa Kors was raised near Yonkers, NY. Her love of storytelling was shaped by a dad who played handball with FBI guys and a social worker mom whose clients kept finding dead bodies on the job. (Yonkers was a big garbage mafia town back then, so maybe not so weird…?) By second grade, Lisa could tell a story that would scare the bejesus out of her friends.

To this day, Lisa likes writing stories about good people making bad choices for excellent reasons. She is also an excellent parallel parker.

Honors & Awards

Coverfly Top 2% of Thriller/Horror TV Pilots - THE DRAGON OF HANDALE - 2022

Finalist, We Screenplay Diverse Voices Competition - THE DRAGON OF HANDALE - 2022

Finalist, ScreenCraft Horror Competition - THE DRAGON OF HANDALE - 2022


Female, Non-binary

Lisa Kors


TV, Drama

Based on a popular British novel, The Dragon of Handale is a medieval whodunnit that follows a badass young widow who investigates a gruesome series of murders at the convent where bad nuns are sent to be punished.


TV, Drama


Inspired by a real hospital in Saudi Arabia, PRINCES' HOSPITAL is a one-hour drama that follows the adventures of the extravagantly paid ex-pat doctors and nurses who treat only the 20,000 members of the royal family. Money, rules and secrets abound.


Feature, Comedy

Cat-astophe ensues when a pampered show dog and a scrappy feral cat switch bodies right before a high-stakes competition.

Female-centric, Medical, Crime, Thriller, Procedural, Psychological, Horror, International

Female, Non-binary


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