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Lisa Gold

Writer/director Lisa Gold grew up all over North America, which left her confused and also Canadian. A dual citizen, she now lives in Long Beach, which looks out at oil derricks disguised as palm trees. Perfect for Lisa, who loves dressing up painful truths in unique genre material.

As a filmmaker, Lisa wrote and/or directed eight award-winning short films which played in 100 festivals. Her current anti-gun violence short satire has played in 56 festivals. Lisa’s screenplays have won the CineStory Screenwriting Awards and the Nashville Film Festival Grand Jury Prize; her scripts reached the Finals of the Nicholl Fellowships, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, and Script Pipeline TV Competition. She has recently twice been an Austin Semi-Finalist with a feature and a TV pilot. Lisa wrote one middle grade children’s novel based on her award-winning family action-adventure feature script. She is completing a second YA sci-fi novel based on her recent YA TV pilot. Lisa has a B.A. from the University of Michigan and an M.B.A. from UCLA. Working her way downward, she will soon have an AA degree in film. A graduate of the Second City Conservatory, Lisa performed improv comedy at crappy coffeehouses in LA. When she gets stuck in a script, Lisa improvises her way out by recalling the scent of stale coffee, or the grandeur of swaying palm fronds and oil production.

Honors & Awards

Finalist, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards - THE SECRET OF SHANGRI-LA - 2022

Finalist, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards - FOREGLOW - 2021

Semi-Finalist, Austin Film Festival - YONGE STREET STRIP - 2019


Female, Over 40

Lisa Gold


(TV drama/true crime pilot – LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE meets BLOODLINE)

In 1977 Toronto, after 16 year-old Ruth learns her Orthodox Jewish family owns a strip club, an infamous murder occurs, convulsing the city. Ruth’s family gets exposed and her dad is implicated. Inspired by true events.


(YA sci-fi time travel pilot - DEAD TO ME meets CRUEL SUMMER)

After her little sister is killed, snarky artist Lexy, 16, loses her voice. Along with brother Kyle, 17, she travels back to the past to save their sister, but instead ends up creating alternate realities, upending her family and her high school’s social order.


(Sci-fi thriller feature - WILD THINGS meets SOURCE CODE)

Barista Heather, 31, uses out-of-body sexual experiences to time travel in order to save boyfriend Danny, 36, from being fatally shot.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Crime, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, YA, Snarky

Female, Over 40


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