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Linda Dillon Moya (Sweigart)

Manager: Sandra Avila, Inclusion Management -

Raised on the border of El Paso, Texas, and Juárez, Mexico, Linda studied at an all-girl Catholic school. She was a tomboy until she was sent to modeling school to become a beauty queen.

Linda spent her childhood perfecting her English and Spanish skills to please her mother, who taught ESL. She learned to shoot guns from her father, a Green Beret, who had severe PTSD. In high school, Linda discovered that her father was actually her stepfather. This precipitated Linda’s rebellious period. She dated the son of a notorious drug lord until her mother packed her off to study in Spain.

Linda has worked in diverse fields: an archeological field-tech, a financial planner, and an instructor at Homeland Security, where she taught TSA Agents to find bombs. These experiences led to a passion for storytelling that landed her an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA.

When her mother died unexpectedly, her mom’s so-called best friend seduced her stepfather, dumped him at a retirement home, and pillaged the family estate. Heartbroken, Linda took a two-year pilgrimage around the world where she was courted by an Indian Prince, consulted Cambodian fortune tellers, and was hospitalized in Myanmar for a spider bite. Luckily, she lives to tell the tale.

WGA Associate Member

Female, BIPOC, Latinx, Indigenous/Native American, Multi-Ethnic

Linda Dillon Moya (Sweigart)


(Supernatural Crime Drama - SUPERNATURAL meets BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER)

An ambitious FBI agent must embrace her ancestral powers to take down the men who murdered her father, but as family secrets unravel, she learns nothing is as it appears.



An aggrieved woman stranded in a foreign country finds love and a sense of purpose in the most unexpected place -- Siem Reap, Cambodia. We follow her life and struggles as she works to reinvent herself.


(Sci-fi/Drama - in the vein of X-FILES)

FBI agents Dr. David Carmichael and Lexie Stone investigate a murder found on sacred Native American land. Stumped, they enlist a crew of archeological misfits and a Hopi Shaman to investigate the crime and other strange occurrences across the United States.

Character-driven, Female-centric, BIPOC-centric, Crime, Procedural, Fantasy, International, Magical Realism

Female, BIPOC, Latinx, Indigenous/Native American, Multi-Ethnic


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