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Kelly Jo Brick

Kelly Jo Brick is a Sundance Fellow and alum of the Women In Film Writer/Showrunner Mentoring Program. She received specialized training through both the FBI and LAPD community academies and is a member of a national intelligence-gathering agency dedicated to protecting US infrastructures.

Originally from a small town in the heart of Wisconsin’s dairy country, Kelly Jo developed a love for storytelling when, as a child, she’d gather up her stuffed animals and toy horses to create adventure after adventure. With degrees in creative writing and English, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin where she played trombone in the highly acclaimed Wisconsin Marching Band. After starting out in advertising, she relocated to Los Angeles where she is now the Vice Chair of the WGA Genre Committee.

From crime and mysteries to underdogs and dysfunctional families, Kelly Jo is fascinated with building the journeys of characters put into situations where they have to struggle, grit, and grind through huge hurdles and do so with heart, drive, and passion.

WGA Associate Member


Kelly Jo Brick


(TV Crime Drama)

A Las Vegas FBI agent exposes corruption in the police department of her suburban Pittsburgh hometown, resulting in her being appointed interim chief, set with the task of chasing down a powerful drug ring while also having to survive her wildly dysfunctional family.

Character-driven, Crime, Thriller, Procedural



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