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Karol Ruth Silverstein

Karol is an award-winning children’s book author and screenwriter. Her debut young adult novel, Cursed, was loosely drawn from her experience of being diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at thirteen. A funny, frank, and unsentimental take on the “sick kid” genre, Cursed won the prestigious Schneider Family Book Award in 2020. Karol’s feature dramedy screenplay YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND was developed in the Film Independent Screenwriter’s Lab and was a Writer’s Guild of American West Feature Writer’s Access Project honoree. She lives in West Hollywood with two excessively fluffy cats. 

Honors & Awards

Schneider Family Book Awards - CURSED - 2020

Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection - CURSED - 2019

Writers Guide of America West/Feature Writers Access Project - YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND - 2016


Female, Disabled, Over 40, Over 55

Karol Ruth Silverstein


(Dramedy Feature) 

Pie (9), an overly dramatic crybaby and Beck (10), her budding lesbian sister, nearly break apart along with their divorcing parents in the summer of ‘75.


(Romantic Comedy Feature in the vein of THE PROPOSAL)

Former lovers – and co-hosts of a fading reality show – must work together for the first time since a messy breakup during hiatus and try to save their show.


(YA Novel, Charlesbridge Teen, 2019) 

Funny, frank and full of F-bombs, young teen Erica navigates being newly diagnosed with a painful chronic illness amid the normal tragedies of 9th grade.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Romantic, Coming-of-Age, YA, Children's, Slapstick, Snarky

Female, Disabled, Over 40, Over 55


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