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Jude Roth

Atty: Ben Reder - Reder & Feig -


After spending probably too much time at the county jail where her mother was a deputy sheriff, Jude started a diary. First entry: “Dear Diary, yesterday I had my first dance (to Jingle Bell Rock) with a boy at the jail’s Christmas party. His name is Smitty, he starts fires, and mom says he escaped this morning – she thinks to Florida.” Instead of joining the US Marshall’s to hunt for Smitty (Jude was only 10), she began exorcising her bewilderment at life by writing personal, character-driven stories often set against big and strange backdrops of the world around her.

Jude's an award-winning TV/feature writer and previously, as an indie filmmaker, wrote and EP’d a scripted drama short about an undocumented day laborer that PBS and Latino Public Broadcasting acquired. Most recently, she worked in TV Development at Skydance Media and is a steering committee member for the Think Tank for Inclusion and Equity in TV - an intersectional group of historically excluded working TV writers from showrunners to support staff.

Honors & Awards

Black List-Women in Film Episodic Lab - HOMEFRONT - 2019

WeForShe WriteHer List - SINS OF THE FATHER - 2018

Finalist - Sundance Episodic Lab, Humanitas New Voices in TV, Writers Lab, Audible Development, among others -



Jude Roth


(Spy thriller)

After China executes dozens of CIA assets on Chinese soil, a reinstated CIA officer puts a dangerous revenge plan into action as her colleague's crisis of conscience threatens to bring her, the plan, and the Agency down.



Struggling to salvage their post-military lives in America’s south, four very different women combat veterans turn to each other for support they can’t find elsewhere. But when the most vulnerable among them gets into serious trouble, the new friends close ranks to help her – risking their public and private lives.


(Geopolitical thriller)

A U.N. human rights worker discovers the truth about her beloved father's deadly identity and sets out to right the crimes he committed.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Thriller



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