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James Moorer

Cleveland native and best-selling author, producer, and screenwriter, James Moorer, is an unflinching storyteller who writes dark character-driven horror and thrillers. His novel, TWO FOR THE PAIN: An Eddie Gideon Mystery, is an Amazon Best-Seller.

He co-produced the award-winning short, IN THE DEATHROOM based on a Stephen King story, and produced and directed an episode of the series THE EMERGENT LENS, now being shopped. Recently, James was hired to pen an indie horror film while working on his next novel.

He is a member of the Organization of Black Screenwriters and just accepted membership into the Independent Writers Caucus (IWC). James also serves as Director of Outreach and Diversity Initiatives at Roadmap Writers, helping writers gain representation. He also owns Dark Anthem Press, a division of One Moorer, an independent multimedia company.


Male, BIPOC, Over 55

James Moorer


One-Hour Episodic Fantasy/Thriller

A mission of mercy to help a mentally unstable child brings a troubled Paranormal Doctor and his colleagues back to the city of his birth and the demons that await his return.



An ex-slave, ex-soldier turned exorcist is called to save a border town from a marauding spirit, but when he learns the town’s dark secret, not even his skills may save them.


One-hour Crime Drama

Accused of her lover’s murder, a detective’s undercover odyssey to clear her name reveals she’s the illegitimate child of the very crime family she’s vowed to destroy.

Character-driven, BIPOC-centric, Crime, Thriller, Procedural, Western, Fantasy, Horror

Male, BIPOC, Over 55


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