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Ellen Ancui


Ellen is a middlescent, neuro-diverse, gluten-free writer for TV, film, theater, and animation who hails from Long Island and lives in Pasadena. Her edgy traumedies focus on sexual irreverence and female protagonists who feel like imposters and are desperately trying to fit in, much like her own life! Ellen’s Catholic, Sicilian mom converted for her German, Jewish dad but would sneak ham sandwiches to the kids in the garage. It’s no wonder Ellen loves storytelling and food.

In NYC, Ellen was a private chef for Oscar-winning writer Horton Foote, who liked to watch her cook while they’d chat about writing. “It’s all about the characters,” he would say, and that stuck with her. Ellen founded a performance space, Solo Arts Group, in NYC, and provided the first home for the original Upright Citizens Brigade (Amy Poehler, Ian Walsh). Conan O’Brien saw them there and the rest is history.

Ellen transplanted to LA after the success of her one-woman shows, and was staffed on the sitcom, MALCOLM & EDDIE. After one season, Ellen embarked on her biggest production to date, the adoption of her Chinese daughter. She also fulfilled her parents’ dream by working in law for almost twenty years. Now, Ellen is developing several TV and feature projects, has written two episodes for the Netflix animated show, BROWN & FRIENDS, is in pre-production for her short film, FOUND, and is writing a tantalizing and cheeky cookbook called Saucy!

WGA Post-current Member

Female, Multi-Ethnic, Disabled, Over 40, Over 55

Ellen Ancui


(1/2 hr adult animated - BIG MOUTH meets PEN15)

An adult animated traumedy set in the 1970s about Zel, a rebellious teen who challenges authority and navigates the pains of high school and her family by experimenting with drugs and sex in order to survive.


(Feature comedy - BOOKSMART meets WORKING GIRL)

When a brilliant female coder can’t break into the bro-heavy elite world of Silicon Valley, her BFF convinces her they should pose as drug addicts and infiltrate Narcotics Anonymous in order to meet their perfect financial investor. 


(1 hour crime drama - HOUSE meets JESSICA JONES)

An introverted, biotech researcher with OCPD (obsessive compulsive personality disorder) on the verge of a groundbreaking therapeutic gets sidetracked when her colleague is murdered and won't stop till she can solve the case.

Character-driven, Female-centric, BIPOC-centric, Queer, Science, Coming-of-Age, Dark, Bittersweet

Female, Multi-Ethnic, Disabled, Over 40, Over 55


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