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Ellen Ancui

Attorney: Tom Rubin (310) 279-5190 |

Ellen is a middlescent, bi-sexual, neuro-diverse, writer for TV, film, theater and podcasts. She writes “traumadies” and obsesses over imposter syndrome, as well as sexuality and identity. Her blend of Catskills schtick with dysfunctional family drama comprises her special sauce. She considers herself “Asian Adjacent“, given her adopted Chinese daughter and Chinese/Japanes partner, and writes about Asian characters. Ellen’s mom was a Sicilian Catholic who converted for her German, Jewish dad, but would sneak her ham sandwiches in the garage. This set the stage for her storytelling and cooking. In NYC, Ellen was a private chef for Oscar-winning writer Horton Foote, and also Trump’s personal florist. She moved to LA after the success of her one-woman shows, ZEL REBELS! (Public Fringe) and JUMPING OFF THE FRIDGE (HBO Workspace). She was staffed on the sitcom, MALCOLM & EDDIE and her play GLORY PIE had a sold-out run at the Coronet Theater garnering raves from Variety. Credits: BROWN & FRIENDS (Netflix), BONNIE SCREWS UP (Aural Stories podcast), SIZZLER, one-act play (Next Stage Press). Spring 2024 Ellen will direct her short, LET HIM GO, produced by FutureSelf Media and Ain’t No Lady Productions. Ellen wrote FIREBREAK, a climate, action thriller, with Nathan Fleetwood, and wrapped her podcast, FILTHY MILFS, which is hosted by the literary platform, Dorothy Parker’s Ashes. Ellen is also credited as Executive Producer for optioning two features and a TV pilot.

Honors & Awards

Finalist, Big Apple Film Festival - LONG ISLAND GIRLS - 2022

Finalist, Stowe Story Labs - LONG ISLAND GIRLS - 2023

Finalist, Filmatic Comedy Awards - SILICON SALLY - 2022

WGA Post-current Member

Female, LGBTQ+, Disabled, 55+, 40+

Ellen Ancui


(Comedy / Rom Com - BOOKSMART meets BRIDESMAIDS)

Struggling to withstand Silicon Valley's tech-bro culture, Sally, a talented coder, and her bawdy BFF, fraudulently infiltrate a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in hopes of securing a powerful investor.


(A half-hour traumedy with animated bits - PEN15 meets BIG MOUTH)

Set in 1976, Zel, a rebellious teen will do anything she can in order to be cool, including experimenting with drugs, sex and musical theater. (Based on the award-winning one woman show - 8 finalist awards)


(Hour-long procedural dramedy - THE SPLIT meets THE GOOD WIFE)

When a successful attorney gets disbarred for sexual misconduct, she has to start over from the bottom and manage the legal staff, the very people who took her down.

Character-driven, Female-centric, BIPOC-centric, Queer, Procedural, Romantic, Coming-of-Age, Slapstick

Female, LGBTQ+, Disabled, 55+, 40+


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