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Christopher J. Valin


Christopher J. Valin is a writer, artist, and historian living in the Los Angeles area. In addition to his novels, he’s written and inked for independent comic book companies, written scripts for production companies, and has had numerous short stories published in anthologies such as The Future Chronicles, Beyond the Stars, and Peter David's The Fans Are Buried Tales. His screenplays, teleplays, and stories have won numerous awards and contests, including the BIBA for the first book in the Raptors superhero series, written (as CJ Valin) with Jaime Castle.

Christopher received his master's degree with honors in military history, and his first book, Fortune's Favorite: Sir Charles and the Breaking of the Line, is the expansion of his master's thesis on his 5x-great-grandfather, Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Douglas.

Honors & Awards

Winner, Golden Age of Television Pilot Competition - THE NEMESIS - 2010

Winner, Scriptwriters Network Producers Outreach Program - SECRET DISCIPLE - 2000

Second Place, People's Pilot contest - STAR ACADEMY 3013 - 2016


Male, 55+

Christopher J. Valin


(Superhero TV Drama Pilot - TITANS meets THE BOYS: GEN V )

The city's greatest hero has disappeared and it's up to his teenage sidekick to find him. But Red Raptor isn't prepared for the challenges he must face when he has to go up against their most dangerous foe without his partner.


(Sci-Fi Half-Hour Comedy Pilot - THE ORVILLE meets LOWER DECKS)

The galaxy's best and brightest attend the Star Academy...and so do these guys. They may just experience great adventures some day, if they can survive until graduation.


(Superhero Half-Hour Comedy Pilot - THE BOYS meets DESPICABLE ME)

Alex's day was bad enough when his nemesis, Eaglestar, revealed to his girlfriend that he was a super-villain. But things go from bad to catastrophic when the other members of his evil league of villains decide to kill him for revealing their plan for world domination.

Character-driven, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical/Alternative History, YA, Animation, Dark

Male, 55+


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