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Christine Sneed

In May 2018, Christine Sneed packed her bags, said goodbye to friends, frenemies, and family, and tossed out the ancient spices in her cupboards before pointing the car west from Chicago. A few days later she landed in southern California, lower back in outrage, hair in a semi-permanent snarl. Four+ years on, she still has some boxes to unpack, if we’re being honest here. 

She's written features and pilots based on her short stories and novels (three novels and two story collections published by Bloomsbury and indie press 7.13 Books, and a forthcoming story collection from Northwestern University Press) as well as original scripts. Comedy is her first love, but she's an experienced writer of dramas too. Her most recent books are Please Be Advised: A Novel in Memos and The Virginity of Famous Men (stories). Direct Sunlight (stories) will be out in June 2023. 

She has an MFA in poetry and a bachelor’s in French, which has been useless job-wise but in her mid-20s she had a good-looking French boyfriend. Presently, she lives in Pasadena with her long-time partner and teaches part-time for Northwestern University's and Regis University's MFA programs (fiction-writing).

Honors & Awards

Semifinalist, Nicholl - THE FEMALE GAZE - 2020

Finalist, ScreenCraft Short Story Contest - QUALITY OF LIFE - 2019

Finalist, The Los Angeles Times Book Prize - PORTRAITS OF A FEW OF THE PEOPLE I'VE MADE CRY - 2011

WGA Associate Member

Female, 40+

Christine Sneed


(Feature or limited series, YA dramedy - JUNO meets SCENT OF A WOMAN) 

Ignoring her better judgment, a lovelorn teenage girl, struggling over her own recent break-up, agrees to help the blind man she works for after school win back his unfaithful girlfriend. 


(Feature or limited series, drama - AUTUMN IN NEW YORK meets PARIS, JE T'AIME)

Devil's bargain or golden ticket? When a young destitute painter in NYC is offered the chance to move to Paris and focus on her art, she must decide if it's possible to have the career she longs for without sacrificing her chance at true love.


(Feature dramedy - THE BOOKSHOP meets YOU'VE GOT MAIL)

When their store is threatened by an unscrupulous landlord, a bookstore owner and her son are helped by the ghost of Ernest Hemingway, who has escaped the afterlife in order to check up on his literary legacy.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Romantic, Coming-of-Age, Satire, Bittersweet

Female, 40+


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