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Brandy N. Carie

Brandy N. Carie is a playwright, screenwriter, and librettist originally from Minnesota, whose work explores Americana, apocalypse, and what happens when nice girls get mad.

Carie was a winner of the 2019 SLOAN/CMU Screenwriting Competition for her feature LOVE, GENOME and a finalist for the 2020 SLOAN/CMU award for her feature RECTIFIED.

She received the 2019 Kennedy Center ACTF Steinberg Playwriting Award for her stage play TOMORROW GAME, the penultimate work in her seven-play Bunker Cycle. She received a 2021 commission from Alter Ego Chamber Opera with her collaborator, composer Ramin Akhavijou; her short opera THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING: A LOVE STORY, was released as an animated short film with New Opera West in 2022.

Carie is currently developing BABY, a horror feature about pregnancy, and just directed her first short film, THE COUPLE, forthcoming in spring 2023. MFA, Carnegie Mellon University.

Honors & Awards

Finalist, Athena Film Festival Virtual Writers Lab - RECTIFIED, AN APOCRYPHAL HISTORY OF BOURBON - 2020

First Place, Sloan/CMU Screenplay Competition - LOVE, GENOME - 2019

First Place, Kennedy Center ACTF Steinberg Playwriting Award - TOMORROW GAME - 2019


Brandy N. Carie


(Horror/Dramedy, 30 min. - NEVER HAVE I EVER meets MIDNIGHT MASS)

After a sheltered Lutheran purity girl is bitten by a werewolf, she tries to figure out if her symptoms are puberty or lycanthropy, desperate to control her body before it derails her quest to upgrade her nerdy image.


(Historical/Dramedy, 1 hr. - PEAKY BLINDERS meets THE GREAT)

A TREASURE ISLAND-obsessed lesbian pickpocket fights tooth and nail to escape the bleak monotony of real life and manifest her glittering fantasies. With mutiny and murder at every turn, she swears to become an infamous riverboat pirate or die trying.


(Grounded Horror Feature - MISERY meets GET OUT but for post-Roe women)

While recovering from trauma at an isolated cabin, a baby-averse teacher discovers she’s pregnant. Her paranoia that her boyfriend is covertly undermining her abortion attempts soon detonates into a desperate bid for freedom.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Queer, Fantasy, Horror, Historical/Alternative History, Coming-of-Age, Dark


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