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Billie Jo Mason


As a lifelong reader of science fiction and fantasy, Billie Jo wanted to be an astronaut so she studied electrical engineering in college until she realized that an inner ear problem was going to keep her from actually going to space, so she became... a writer!

Billie has worked in the story departments and as a union story analyst at most of the major studios and William Morris, though her claim to fame is smuggling a rescued baby chicken into the story department at MGM and keeping it in the script library (long story). Billie recently wrapped the room on the Apple+ show SUGAR (starring Colin Farrell) and working with showrunner Mark Protosevich as his writer's assistant.

A native of Los Angeles, Billie rarely resorts to chicken smuggling. 

Honors & Awards

Participant, Meryl Streep/Writer’s Lab – The Cargo - 2015

Semifinalist, Nicholl Fellowship – The Cargo - 2018

Quarterfinalist, Nicholl Fellowship - SPEEDWAY - 2022


Female, 40+

Billie Jo Mason


Sci-Fi/Thriller Feature

Comp: No Way Out

As mankind loses the war against ruthless alien invaders, a traumatized military pilot sent to retrieve a top-secret cargo is stranded with her crew on a crippled transport orbiting Saturn and hunted by the aliens – with one onboard posing as human.


Sci-fi (futuristic)/Heist Feature

Comps: Oceans 11 meets The Italian Job

In the near future, all driving is outlawed and automatic cars rule the Speedway at 250 m.p.h., until one driver and her team outwit the system to pull off a seemingly-impossible bank heist and daring escape, for profit, thrills and ultimately revenge.


TV PILOT Comps: Altered Carbon/The Expanse

300 years in the future, the teenage granddaughter of Earth’s most powerful and immoral despot flees Earth pursued by agents of her grandfather only to be trapped on the most dangerous planet in the galaxy.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Science, Crime, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, YA

Female, 40+


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