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Aminah Hughes

Aminah grew up in Western Australia and spent eight years as a travelling creative in Europe before immigrating to the US. Her father was a journalist and conman who once interviewed Muhammad Ali. Her mother was a theatre actress, who chose not to raise her in the theatre, much to Aminah’s disappointment.

She spent her youth as a classical flautist, poet, DJ, theatre actor and film reviewer before becoming a roots musician, music journalist, photographer and filmmaker. Her day jobs have included stints serving Justices at the Supreme Court library, as the Attorney General's research assistant at the Department of Justice, and as a covert writer of witness statements, working alongside state and federal police. The theme at the heart of her writing, from poetry to screenplays, is trauma recovery.

In 2020, Aminah was accepted as a member of the Australian Directors Guild and in 2021, she moved to Los Angeles, where she has worked on features for Warner Bros, Universal, Disney, MGM, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures and Netflix, as a Scripting Editor in dubbing. Hailed by Musical Notes Global (New York) as “a true Renaissance woman” she has won local and international awards as a screenwriter, director, songwriter and musician.

Aminah appears on fourteen albums and has recorded vocals on various productions, including highly anticipated game, Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock, based on the popular NBCUniversal Television Series.

Honors and Awards

Cinequest Screenwriting Competition, Current Semifinalist - WE CAN NEVER GO BACK - 2023-2024 (co-write with Dylan Kussman)

Austin Film Festival Short Screenplay Competition, Semifinalist - THE RUBICON - 2019

ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest, Winner - THE RUBICON - 2018


Female, 40+

Aminah Hughes


Feature drama/magic realism

After a troubling death, an aspiring artist must grapple with intrusive dissociative experiences in order to confront the trauma of her abusive past.


Short drama

In a cabin on the high desert, two desperate men seek refuge from a viral mass-extinction event. Forced to navigate their diametrically opposed plans for survival, they must overcome a lurking threat of violence if they are to emerge from the crisis with their humanity intact.


Short drama/magic realism

An independent woman comes to the realization that she is in an abusive relationship, betokened by a ballerina in a painting.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Thriller, Bittersweet, Magical Realism

Female, 40+


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