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Alexa Oona Schulz

Alexa Oona grew up in Hamburg, Germany, with the handed-down responsibility for the Holocaust, but more specifically with a Nazi grandfather who after the war worked for the church as a deacon in youth exchange programs with teenagers from Africa and the Arab world – her mother calls him a hypocrite; Alexa Oona calls him a complex character. A Los Angeles resident since 2007, Alexa Oona writes in English and German and is fluent in Spanish. 

She is passionate about crime (writing crime that is) – but has also been paid for dramedy writing - which proves that even Germans can be funny! Alexa Oona's produced writing credits include TV court show episodes and a prime-time feature for ZDF (Germany) as well as numerous documentaries (e.g. for ARTE) that she directed. In 2006, her award-winning documentary début WEEKEND WARRIORS, a humorous film that follows the lives of four German players of American-style football in Berlin, was theatrically released in Germany by one of the largest multiplex chains.


Female, Over 40

Alexa Oona Schulz


(Short-form Serialized Series - Dark Comedy)

A failing but success-obsessed German actress gets more than she expected after stealing a dead Hollywood starlet’s identity; now she has to successfully nail her lines and a criminal scheme.


(Hourlong Procedural Series Pilot - Police Drama)

When a PTSD-afflicted Special Agent is paired with a carefree FBI linguist to solve American crimes in Mexico City, she is thrust into solving the mysterious case of a deadly sound attack while struggling to navigate cultural differences.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Crime, Historical/Alternative History, International

Female, Over 40


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