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  • Brandy N. Carie

    < Back Brandy N. Carie ​ Brandy N. Carie is a playwright, screenwriter, and librettist originally from Minnesota, whose work explores Americana, apocalypse, and what happens when nice girls get mad. Carie was a winner of the 2019 SLOAN/CMU Screenwriting Competition for her feature LOVE, GENOME and a finalist for the 2020 SLOAN/CMU award for her feature RECTIFIED. She received the 2019 Kennedy Center ACTF Steinberg Playwriting Award for her stage play TOMORROW GAME, the penultimate work in her seven-play Bunker Cycle. She received a 2021 commission from Alter Ego Chamber Opera with her collaborator, composer Ramin Akhavijou; her short opera THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING: A LOVE STORY, was released as an animated short film with New Opera West in 2022. Carie is currently developing BABY, a horror feature about pregnancy, and just directed her first short film, THE COUPLE, forthcoming in spring 2023. MFA, Carnegie Mellon University. Honors & Awards Finalist, Athena Film Festival Virtual Writers Lab - RECTIFIED, AN APOCRYPHAL HISTORY OF BOURBON - 2020 First Place, Sloan/CMU Screenplay Competition - LOVE, GENOME - 2019 First Place, Kennedy Center ACTF Steinberg Playwriting Award - TOMORROW GAME - 2019 non-WGA ​ LEGEND OF A WEIRD GIRL (Horror/Dramedy, 30 min. - NEVER HAVE I EVER meets MIDNIGHT MASS) After a sheltered Lutheran purity girl is bitten by a werewolf, she tries to figure out if her symptoms are puberty or lycanthropy, desperate to control her body before it derails her quest to upgrade her nerdy image. THE G.O.A.T. (Historical/Dramedy, 1 hr. - PEAKY BLINDERS meets THE GREAT) A TREASURE ISLAND-obsessed lesbian pickpocket fights tooth and nail to escape the bleak monotony of real life and manifest her glittering fantasies. With mutiny and murder at every turn, she swears to become an infamous riverboat pirate or die trying. BABY (Grounded Horror Feature - MISERY meets GET OUT but for post-Roe women) While recovering from trauma at an isolated cabin, a baby-averse teacher discovers she’s pregnant. Her paranoia that her boyfriend is covertly undermining her abortion attempts soon detonates into a desperate bid for freedom. Character-driven, Female-centric, Queer, Fantasy, Horror, Historical/Alternative History, Coming-of-Age, Dark ​ unrepped

  • Team

    Featured Writers IWC Featured Writers have recently distinguished themselves with a sale, option, production, a placement in a lab, or related action. Featured Writers are updated quarterly. James Moorer TV, Features, Drama, Genre James recently launched ONE MOORER, LLC, an independent multimedia company that focuses on discovering diverse and unique voices from marginalized creatives. Read Full Profile Tracy Held TV, Features, Comedy Tracy is currently developing the anthology limited series THE SCAPEGOAT in collaboration with showrunner Barry Schkolnick and producer Brian Tee. Read Full Profile Austin Elliott TV, Drama Austin's pilot STATE OF THE ART was the Winner of the Drama Teleplay Pilot category at the 2023 Austin Film Festival. Read Full Profile Tony Ferrendelli TV, Features, Comedy Tony's comedy 2ND RATE FAIRY (cowritten with Roger Rittenhouse) was a Finalist in the Scripted Digital Series category of the 2023 Austin Film Festival. Read Full Profile Virtic Emil Brown TV, Features, Drama, Genre Virtic directed two episodes of the collaboration series CAREGIVER about children on the spectrum. The project premiered in November 2023 in Irvine at the Easterseals' complex. Read Full Profile Alec Moore TV, Features, Comedy Alec's feature comedy ADVANCED CHEMISTRY recently made its World Premiere as an Official Selection of the Dances With Films Festival. Read Full Profile IWC Membership Use the above search bar to sort writers by name, genre, demographics, script attributes, and more. Alec Moore TV, Features, Comedy Comedy writer seeks someone to laugh, but will consider settling for silent chuckles if you're the stoic type... Read Full Profile Anne Toole TV, Drama, Dramedy, Genre Versatile writer looking to grow with a team of great writers... Read Full Profile Arun K. Vir TV, Features, Drama, Dramedy Arun goes beyond being a scribe; she steps into the role of social explorer and tribal architect... Read Full Profile Brandy N. Carie TV, Features, Dramedy, Genre Brandy N. Carie is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter who writes horror and drama about what happens when nice girls get mad. Read Full Profile Christine Sneed TV, Features, Drama, Comedy Christine aspires to write stories that entertain but also, like the Ferris wheel, offer the giddy uplift and the vibrancy of deeply seeing and being... Read Full Profile Dana Braziel-Solovy TV, Comedy, Genre A former Chicago punk, Dana rebels, but only for good. Creating feminist TV shows, she fights the patriarchy with her computer keyboard and calls it “QWERTY Hurty..." Read Full Profile David Ngo TV, Features, Comedy, Dramedy David wore surf clothes to blend in with his peers in Orange County, CA, but he never surfed. Now, he writes about such experiences with humor, heart, and catharsis... Read Full Profile Eugene Ramos TV, Features, Dramedy, Genre Influenced by William Shakespeare and Rod Serling, Eugene writes genre stories about underdogs fighting the good fight (oftentimes while falling in love) against overwhelming odds... Read Full Profile H. S. Fishbrook Features, Drama H.S. builds elegant, slightly-off kilter worlds where characters struggle to find their right place, and dynamic women at the heart of the narrative always pass the Bechdel Test... Read Full Profile James Moorer TV, Features, Drama, Genre The darkness came with James... Writing soul-gripping, character-driven thrillers that reach unspoken depths of humanity... Read Full Profile Joelle Luman TV, Features, Drama, Genre Filipina-American writer/producer Joelle Luman specializes in dark, edgy stories in the action, grounded sci-fi, and horror genre for film and television. Read Full Profile Julie Dare TV, Features, Drama, Comedy Inspired by her own failed bid at The National Spelling Bee, Julie’s works explore characters redefining themselves after epic failure, devastating loss, and uproarious calamity. Read Full Profile Kelly Jo Brick TV, Drama Kelly Jo Brick, a Sundance Fellow, has a passion for digging into the layers of humanity through telling stories of crime, mystery, underdogs, and dysfunctional families... Read Full Profile Kimberley Ann Sparks TV, Features, Drama, Dramedy Kim is an award-winning screenwriter who started in preschool television, went on to write mature video games, and is now writing dramatic features and one-hour series... Read Full Profile Lisa Gold TV, Features, Drama, Genre Writer of unique, edgy dramas/dramedies/sci-fi/fantasy with depth... Read Full Profile Mark DeCarlo TV, Features, Comedy, Dramedy A Founding member of The Second City LA, Mark is an Emmy Award-winning TV/Film performer, writer, and producer. Adult Animation = portal to the Multiverse... Read Full Profile Michael J. Dougherty Features, Drama, Comedy, Genre Michael writes dark features, comedies, dramas, and genre... Read Full Profile Natalija Vekic TV, Features, Drama, Dramedy Natalija writes and directs suspenseful dramas from the perspective of immigrants, outsiders, and women who boldly shape history but are often forgotten... Read Full Profile Philip Pierce TV, Features, Drama, Genre As a clinical psychologist with a medical background, Philip has special expertise in the field of the human mind. He especially loves deepening other people’s scripts... Read Full Profile Roxanne Raye (Beck) TV, Features, Drama, Dramedy Roxanne's writing tends to focus on rebellious women who refuse to be silenced and underdogs who never give up... Read Full Profile Saiya Floyd TV, Features, Genre Saiya explores new perspectives in historical, fantasy, and sci-fi stories. Through heightened worlds, she uncovers traits that make us the most human... Read Full Profile Steve Holbert TV, Features, Drama, Genre Steve writes horror TV and features where the girls and gays stop running, pick up the ax, and start taking names... Read Full Profile Terri B Spaugh TV, Features, Genre A natural born plotter who loves bending genre expectations... Read Full Profile Veronica Chavira TV, Features, Drama, Dramedy Veronica's work focuses on immigrant and LGBTQIA+ stories, of which 3 scripts have placed at Austin Film Festival... Read Full Profile William T. Sutphin TV, Features, Drama, Dramedy Creative, by way of The Creator... Read Full Profile Alexa Oona Schulz TV, Drama, Comedy Alexa’s special skill is her background in writing and directing documentaries, and her work history with a law-enforcement agency... Read Full Profile Anthony Sclafani, Jr. TV, Features, Comedy, Dramedy Anthony’s writing is fueled by his life experiences along with his passion for true love, comedy and redemption. He hopes to play a part in the resurgence of the Rom Com... Read Full Profile Austin Elliott TV, Drama Austin recently co-wrote his first episode on American Horror Stories. His art forgery pilot 'State of the Art' also won the Drama Pilot Category at the 23' Austin Film Festival... Read Full Profile Carolyn Kras TV, Features, Drama, Dramedy Carolyn is a playwright turned drama writer with studio development experience who loves creating character-driven stories with crisp dialogue and surprising plot twists... Read Full Profile Christopher J. Valin TV, Features, Comedy, Genre Contrary to popular belief, Christopher J. Valin writes about more than just superheroes. No, seriously. He really does... Read Full Profile Daniel Gámez TV, Features, Dramedy, Genre Half-hour Dramedy, One-Hour Dramedy, Feature Film Traumedy, Playwright... Read Full Profile Edward Coffey TV, Features, Comedy, Dramedy Veteran and AAPI writer of all genres... Read Full Profile Garret Williams Features, Drama, Dramedy, Genre Garret is a screenwriter, director and producer whose work focuses on drama, thriller, dark comedy and in any combination of those genres... Read Full Profile Harrison Pierce TV, Features, Dramedy, Genre An award-winning graduate of UCLA's MFA program, Harrison aspires to infuse the classic genres of film and television with the comedy, drama, and horror of modern life... Read Full Profile Jennifer Vandever TV, Features, Comedy, Dramedy Jennifer writes smart, interesting characters navigating absurd worlds. Her scripts center women exploring modern relationships, politics, and power, often with a satiric slant... Read Full Profile Joseph Mwamba Joseph Mwamba Joe recently wrote his first episode on an upcoming Netflix action series & writes aspirational Young Adult dramedies... Read Full Profile Karol Ruth Silverstein Features, Drama, Comedy, Dramedy Karol Ruth Silverstein champions misfits, underdogs, and that weird kid nobody wanted to sit next to. Spoiler alert: she qualifies as all of the above. Dramedy is her sweet spot... Read Full Profile Khari Wyatt TV, Features, Drama Khari is a playwright and screenwriter who tells stories about the underdogs of society; underdogs created from circumstances beyond their control or their own regretful choices. Read Full Profile Krystyna Łoboda TV, Features, Drama, Genre Krystyna is inspired to write original, entertaining, epic, and sometimes funny science-fiction... Read Full Profile Lisa Kors TV, Features, Dramedy, Genre Award-winning writer/producer who tells stories of women making bad choices for good reasons... Read Full Profile Marty Lang TV, Features, Drama, Comedy Drama/dramedy writer, captivated with dysfunctional families, politics and the working class... Read Full Profile Michael January TV, Features, Drama, Genre Versatile vision and character in thrillers, action, and drama... Read Full Profile Nicholas Pangilinan TV, Features, Comedy, Genre The son of an immigrant, Nick writes the stories that he wished he had while growing up: diverse, well-rounded, and a bit wild... Read Full Profile Rich Orstad Features, Drama, Dramedy, Genre Heavy focus on features; family drama, horror comedy, genre. Seeking the right manager and agent. Open to OWA's. Read Full Profile Sabine El Gemayel Features, Drama Sabine writes character driven stories advocating for peace and dialog in a world of conflict... Read Full Profile Scott Sanford Tobis TV, Features, Drama, Comedy As a storyteller who firmly believes in the 'content dictates form" adage, Scott loves every genre. That said, his goal is bring romance and comedy back to the romcom genre. Read Full Profile Steven Goldman TV, Features, Comedy, Dramedy Writer. Reader. Popcorn Addict. Theoretical Amphibian... Read Full Profile Tony Ferrendelli TV, Features, Comedy Much to the dismay of Tony’s 4th-grade English teacher, and his Mom, he can’t conjugate a sentence to save his life... Read Full Profile Victoria Renee TV, Features, Drama, Dramedy Victoria Renee is a real woman with reel dreams... Read Full Profile Yeni Alvarez TV, Features, Comedy, Genre Bilingual Geeky Latina writes from her Cuban-immigrant background to make the world a spicier place—in both languages... Read Full Profile Aminah Hughes Features, Drama, Comedy, Dramedy Aminah writes trauma recovery narratives. She focuses on women’s stories and examines male characters through a feminine lens. Read Full Profile April Sanchez TV, Features, Drama, Comedy Latina screenwriter who explores themes of family, belonging, and identity (peppered with magical realism) in comedy, drama and horror stories for Television and Features. Read Full Profile Billie Jo Mason TV, Features, Genre Recently worked with showrunner Mark Protosevich on SUGAR (starring Colin Farrell) for Apple+... Read Full Profile Christina Hulen TV, Features, Drama, Genre Christina writes features and television about women and LGBTQ+ people whose stories have been white-washed or lost to history... Read Full Profile Cynthia Crofoot Features, Drama, Genre Cynthia writes female-driven drama and genre screenplays with a twist. Her stories showcase strong but flawed female protagonists in worlds where things aren’t always as they seem Read Full Profile Danielle Weinberg TV, Features, Comedy, Genre Danielle writes smart comedies, fun mysteries, and concise personal blurbs... Read Full Profile Ellen Ancui TV, Features, Comedy, Dramedy Edgy, female-focused TV, Feature, and Theater writer of traumedies... Read Full Profile Gina DeAngelis Features, Drama, Comedy, Genre Youngest of 10 Kids Fled to Australia at Age 16... Read Full Profile Helena Zhen TV, Features, Drama, Genre High concept writer with an emphasis on elevated genre and an affinity for a world-building. Grounded sci-fi and thriller laced with a potent dose of characterization... Read Full Profile Jeremy Palmer Features, Drama, Dramedy, Genre Jeremy finds humor and humanity in every setting—from WW1 to a public school to a time travel lab—and uses it to tell compelling stories from almost any genre you can name... Read Full Profile Jude Roth TV, Features, Drama, Genre Jude Roth's from a northeast town filled with both natural beauty and toxic waste – a tense push-pull for redemption that drives her character-driven dramas and thrillers. Read Full Profile Katherine Ruppe TV, Features, Drama, Genre Katherine writes propulsive dramas about intrepid underdogs pursuing the impossible – whether it’s delivering justice or rocketing to space... Read Full Profile Kim Turner Features, TV, Comedy Kim works overtime to make you laugh and to distract you so you don't see the moment that breaks your heart coming... Read Full Profile Linda Dillon Moya (Sweigart) TV, Features, Drama, Genre An avid traveler, Linda is a global storyteller drawn to writing about complex characters that live on the fringes of society... Read Full Profile Lisanne Sartor TV, Features, Drama, Dramedy An Italian American Jersey girl whose dysfunctional family history of secrets and lies has deeply informed her writing and culinary skills as well as her vengeful, loyal nature... Read Full Profile Matt Harry TV, Features, Comedy, Genre Writer of fun, exciting stories with a dash of the fantastical... Read Full Profile Monique Madrid TV, Comedy, Dramedy Monique writes female-driven comedies, usually from lived experience, often with a satirical edge, always with a bit of edge... Read Full Profile Pepper Reed TV, Features, Genre She is the star-chaser who doesn't realize, she is the star she is chasing. Read Full Profile Robin Fusco TV, Drama Robin takes that woman you love to hate, puts her in a fucked-up situation, and makes you root for her. Expect questionable morals, identity crises, and shades of grey... Read Full Profile Sage Wells TV, Features, Drama, Genre Sage and her characters come from "the wrong side of the tracks." She's passionate about secrets, fierce women, poignant revelations, and unlikely duos seeking a better life.. Read Full Profile Shaene M. Siders TV, Features, Drama, Genre Shaene Siders is an IBM-certified computer geek and an award-winning action, science fiction, and fantasy writer. Never read her scripts without a helmet... Read Full Profile Teresa Sullivan TV, Features, Drama, Comedy Salty heroes, bad-ass leading women, war stories, baseball tales, and a laugh-out-loud granny saving an airplane – No one puts Teresa’s characters in a corner... Read Full Profile Tracy Held TV, Features, Comedy A Chinese/Eastern European writer, Tracy loves to tell stories about do-gooders who strive to save the world, but struggle to know how to navigate the human interaction part... Read Full Profile Virtic Emil Brown TV, Features, Drama, Genre Virtic puts a lot of her emotions and experiences in her writing. She focuses on inclusion and diversity... Read Full Profile Yousif Nash TV, Features, Drama, Genre A son of Iraqi immigrants and an Air Force veteran, Yousif writes about his military experience through the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres or nerds suffering through the normalities of life... Read Full Profile

  • Joseph Mwamba

    < Back Joseph Mwamba Kate Prentice & Doorie Lee, 42 - ; Direct Email: Joseph Mwamba is a first-generation African-American Y.A. writer from Indiana. He's recently been named to ISA's Top 25 Screenwriter to Watch in 2023 and wrote an episode as a Writers' Assistant for Season 2 of an upcoming Netflix action series. Prior, he was the Writers’ PA for Season 4 of Netflix's psychological thriller YOU and Season 2 of Apple TV's mystery-comedy THE AFTERPARTY. Previously an assistant for two TV Lit agents at UTA, Joe was selected into Rideback Rise Fellowship as a Circle Member, Coverfly's Endorsed Writer Program, and Roadmap Writer's Support Staff Initiative. His Y.A. action dramedy THE KNIGHT'S PHOENIX won the 2022 Grand Prize in the Emerging Screenwriters Action & Adventure Pilot Competition and has been selected into the 2023 Original Bureau. He’s currently repped by Kate Prentice and Doorie Lee at 42. Honors & Awards Top 25 Screenwriters to Know, ISA - 2023 Circle Member, Rideback Rise - 2023 Grand Prize Winner, Emerging Screenwriter Action & Adventure Pilot Competition - THE KNIGHT'S PHOENIX - 2022 non-WGA Male, BIPOC, Black THE KNIGHT'S PHOENIX (Y.A. Action Drama - HARRY POTTER meets KINGSMEN) The unsettling arrival of a new teen helps a principal launch the CIA’s secret prep academy into disorder as faculty and students find their secrets are no longer safe. FINDING A LOST PEN (Y.A. Mystery Dramedy - VERONICA MARS meets SEX EDUCATION with a dash of WANDAVISION) A teen with crippling social anxiety starts a high school detective agency, secretly using its intel on students to find his missing twin sister. Coming-of-Age, YA Male, BIPOC, Black repped

  • H. S. Fishbrook

    < Back H. S. Fishbrook ​ From boutique production companies to premium streaming platforms, H. S. Fishbrook serves her clients as a highly educated screenwriter and story analyst. She studied at The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon and The Globe Theater in London before earning an MFA in Writing for Screen and TV at Pepperdine University. Fishbrook is now actively developing features on spec and has her first screenplay under option. Her work has landed in the top 10% at several film festivals, including the Beverly Hills Film Festival, LA Femme International Film Festival, and the Ivy Film Festival. She's also spent time mentoring military veterans on the art of screenwriting at the Writers Guild Foundation. On the rare occasion when she isn’t scribbling down ideas in her plethora of color-coded journals, she immerses herself in DIY projects at home with her husband. Honors & Awards Official Selection, Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival - PERICLES - 2021 Official Selection, Beverly Hills Film Festival - PERICLES - 2021 Official Selection, LA Femme International Film Festival - PERICLES - 2020 non-WGA Female PERICLES (Feature Drama, Romance - comps: A UNITED KINGDOM, CATHERINE CALLED BIRDY) A runaway prince and his kidnapped daughter seek to prove that true love can overcome the tragedies of accident, betrayal, and even death. An adaptation of Shakespeare’s exotic, lesser-known play. Character-driven, Female-centric, Romantic, Fantasy, Historical/Alternative History, Magical Realism Female unrepped

  • Philip Pierce

    < Back Philip Pierce Agent: David Saunders, APA - ​ Philip Pierce is a writer/producer as well as a clinical psychologist and UCLA Lecturer. He wrote and produced the feature film BOY CULTURE based on the novel by Matthew Rettenmund. It premiered at The Tribeca Film Festival, won 21 international awards, and was distributed theatrically. He produced the sequel BOY CULTURE: THE SERIES, which premiered at OutfestLA and the British Film Institute in London. It has won 4 Best Film Fest prizes. A number of Philip's scripts have won awards and been optioned. In addition, FREUD AND JUNG IN AMERICA was a finalist for a Sloan Grant and was selected by the WGA for a showcase performance and LOST LEGEND was selected by the WGA Latinx Committee for a scene reading and was a Nicholl Fellowship Semi-Finalist. MOVE by Academy Award Nominee Matthew Diamond (DANCEMAKER) to which Philip contributed a rewrite was optioned by United Artists. non-WGA Male, LGBTQ+, Over 40 BIO RUN (Sci-fi Thriller - THE FUGITIVE meets CONTAGION) A doctor, suspected of starting an epidemic of a rare disease, goes on the run to clear his name and find the real perpetrator while a relentless FBI bioterrorism agent pursues him. LOST LEGEND (Action/Adventure, Latinx) Set in 1790's California, a privileged young woman, struggling to avenge the death of her father, takes on a dual identity as Zarra. Ultimately, she becomes the unlikely defender of the oppressed Indigenous people: the legend before the legend. Insprired by the public domain novel, The Curse of Capistrano . BLOOD SECRETS (Psychological Thriller) A young FBI behavioral analyst struggles with inner demons as he tracks down an escaped serial killer -- his own father. Character-driven, Science, Medical, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Historical/Alternative History, International Male, LGBTQ+, Over 40 repped

  • Aminah Hughes

    < Back Aminah Hughes ​ Aminah grew up in Western Australia and spent eight years as a travelling creative in Europe before immigrating to the US. Her father was a journalist and conman who once interviewed Muhammad Ali. Her mother was a theatre actress, who chose not to raise her in the theatre, much to Aminah’s disappointment. She spent her youth as a classical flautist, poet, DJ, theatre actor and film reviewer before becoming a roots musician, music journalist, photographer and filmmaker. Her day jobs have included stints serving Justices at the Supreme Court library, as the Attorney General's research assistant at the Department of Justice, and as a covert writer of witness statements, working alongside state and federal police. The theme at the heart of her writing, from poetry to screenplays, is trauma recovery. In 2020, Aminah was accepted as a member of the Australian Directors Guild and in 2021, she moved to Los Angeles, where she has worked on features for Warner Bros, Universal, Disney, MGM, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures and Netflix, as a Scripting Editor in dubbing. Hailed by Musical Notes Global (New York) as “a true Renaissance woman” she has won local and international awards as a screenwriter, director, songwriter and musician. Aminah appears on fourteen albums and has recorded vocals on various productions, including highly anticipated game, Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock, based on the popular NBCUniversal Television Series. Honors and Awards Cinequest Screenwriting Competition , Current Semifinalist - WE CAN NEVER GO BACK - 2023-2024 (co-write with Dylan Kussman) Austin Film Festival Short Screenplay Competition , Semifinalist - THE RUBICON - 2019 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest, Winner - THE RUBICON - 2018 non-WGA Female, 40+ THE INSIDE OF A SHELL Feature drama/magic realism After a troubling death, an aspiring artist must grapple with intrusive dissociative experiences in order to confront the trauma of her abusive past. WE CAN NEVER GO BACK Short drama In a cabin on the high desert, two desperate men seek refuge from a viral mass-extinction event. Forced to navigate their diametrically opposed plans for survival, they must overcome a lurking threat of violence if they are to emerge from the crisis with their humanity intact. THE RUBICON Short drama/magic realism An independent woman comes to the realization that she is in an abusive relationship, betokened by a ballerina in a painting. Character-driven, Female-centric, Thriller, Bittersweet, Magical Realism Female, 40+ unrepped

  • Virtic Emil Brown

    < Back Virtic Emil Brown ​ Virtic Emil Brown is a writer/filmmaker. She is a part of the disabled community. Her recent screenplay FREE! was a recipient of Sundance Accessible Future Initiative. It is currently in development. Some of her writing credits include WILL UNPLUGGED (Randall Park), HINDSIGHT, and YOU’LL NEVER MEET MY NEW FRIENDS. Virtic’s film ON TOUR screened at the 70th Venice International Film Festival’s library. Since then, she has written and directed plays performed in festivals at EST/LA and The Vagrancy Theater. Virtic worked for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences as the Oscar’s Press Guide Manager, handling domestic and international media outlets. Virtic recently directed two films for the Easterseals. She is currently shooting her feature documentary MLICSU starring Lee Pugsley. Virtic is also an actress who also appeared in shows like HOW TO HACK BIRTH CONTROL, THE SHIELD, and WITHOUT A TRACE. She is a Board Member of The Classical Theatre Lab. She is currently appearing as a core Foundation Worker on the new TV show LOOT. WGA Associate Member Female, BIPOC, Black, Disabled FREE! (Indie Feature Musical - think ONCE) In the final six days of their child’s life, the Bradys must confront their past, leading them to realize this is not the life God wanted for them when He gave their souls a body. Character-driven, Female-centric, BIPOC-centric, Thriller, Psychological, Coming-of-Age, YA, Naturalistic Female, BIPOC, Black, Disabled unrepped

  • Robin Fusco

    < Back Robin Fusco 323-645-0133 Robin creates layered crime and medical dramas that take the women you love to hate, put them in fucked-up situations, and make you root for them. She previously coached physicians from around the world on empathy and medical ethics, and she draws on this expertise to bring emotional truth to complex, morally ambiguous narratives. Robin was a recent WIF Writing Circle Mentee as well as an NYSCA/NYFA Screenwriting Fellow, and her scripts have placed in numerous competitions including WeScreenplay, ScreenCraft, and Cinequest. She’s also a commissioned and published playwright whose work has been produced internationally. A proud member of the Independent Writers’ Caucus and The Dramatists Guild, she was awarded an MFA in screenwriting from Point Park University. Robin tells stories that immerse us in lives unlike our own, and when she’s not writing, you can often find her out in nature hiking and conquering mountains — another way in which she expands her perspective. Honors & Awards Writing Circle Mentee , Women in Film - 2022 Screenwriting Fellow , NYSCA/NYFA - 2019 Winner, WeScreenplay Television Contest - COLLATERAL DAMAGE - 2018 non-WGA Female, LGBTQ+ THE AYON HIVE (Hourlong, Premium Drama) A lost and desperate woman gives up everything to join a happiness commune only to discover that the leader of this supposed utopia is using psychological and physical torture to mold select devotees into perfect, made-to-order wives for wealthy, powerful men. Cut off from the outside world, she strives to gather allies who'll fight to bring their chosen home closer to its idyllic promise, but certain factions are not on board with giving up the luxuries illicit dealings afford. DESCENT (Hourlong Family/Crime Drama) Upon release from the mental institution in which she grew up, an emotionally erratic heiress becomes seduced by the illicit, murderous side of the family business and strives to claim her place as its rightful heir. BIOGENESIS (Hourlong Crime/Medical Drama) An ambitious biochemist must outmaneuver her narcissistic husband, protect her children, and avoid capture by the FBI as she infiltrates the ranks of the hacktivists who have turned her revolutionary, widely distributed heart implants into murder weapons. Science, Medical, Crime, Procedural, character-driven, female-centric, psychological, dark Female, LGBTQ+ unrepped

  • Khari Wyatt

    < Back Khari Wyatt Sheree Guitar Sheree Guitar Entertainment (310) 286-1900 ​ Khari Wyatt is the descendant of runaway slaves and inner-city America with its adversities, tragedies and triumphs; the son of high school sweethearts: a mother who is an artist and a father who courageously moved his young family from the rust-belt to our Nation's Capital to find a better life; the grandson of men who wore blue collars in auto plants and on railroad trains; the grandson of women who taught Sunday school and waitressed in greasy spoons. He is a writer. His screenwriting has placed in competitions including, Disney/ABC Writers Program, Sony Pictures Entertainment Diversity Writers Program, AMC One-Hour Drama competition and Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition among others. Some fellowships and grants he's received came from MacDowell, the Guy Hanks/Marvin Miller Screenwriting Program, and Panavision New Filmmaker Equipment Grant. His plays have been commissioned, developed or had readings at Chalk Rep, Circle X Theatre, Morgan-Wixson Theatre, Antaeus Theatre Co., and Moving Arts. He was one of eleven writers of #While We Breathe: A Night of Creative Protest, a streaming theatrical event produced by Brian Moreland and Arvind Ethan David. He was a finalist for New Dramatists, and a semifinalist for the O'Neill NPC, Ashland New Play Festival, Dramatists Guild Foundation Virtual Fellowship, and Bay Street Theater New Works Festival. Wyatt is an alumnus of Howard University and earned an MFA in Film from Columbia University in the City of New York. non-WGA Male, BIPOC, Black RUN DEEP Crime Drama Taylor St. Brown, a political fundraiser, is forced to confront the demons of his marriage as he engages in a no-holds-barred hunt to find his wife after she goes missing from the scene of a political assassination. JIMMY Crime Drama A banished preacher turned biker returns home to wheel through an odyssey of family secrets and political corruption to meet a destiny he cannot outrun. RUSH TOWN Crime Drama A disgraced LAPD detective enlists the help of friends as she hunts the criminal who cost her everything: the same man she's dangerously in love with. Character-driven, BIPOC-centric, Crime, Thriller, Procedural Male, BIPOC, Black repped

  • Kimberley Ann Sparks

    < Back Kimberley Ann Sparks ​ Kimberley Ann Sparks is an award-winning screenwriter who works in film, television, and video games. She’s written episodes of preschool series which have been broadcast on Treehouse, TVO, and BBC Kids. She’s also written scripts and dialogue for AAA video games, including ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY and GHOST RECON: FUTURE SOLDIER. Kim has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. She is also a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s Prime Time Television Program and UCLA’s Professional Screenwriting Program. She has taught writing courses (film, television, video games, radio) at universities and colleges in Toronto, and she’s currently teaching screenwriting at Toronto Metropolitan University. Kim’s scripts have placed as a quarter-finalist and semi-finalist in a number of screenwriting contests, including the Page Awards, BlueCat Screenwriting Competition, and Scriptapalooza, and her short script, THE GATEKEEPER, won the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition. She has pitched at a number of festivals and conferences, including the Banff Media Festival and the Female Eye Film Festival. Honors & Awards WGA Video game writing nomination (member of writing team nominated) - ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY - 2019 Quarter-finalist, BlueCat Screenplay Competition (Drama Feature) - THE BONUS DAY - 2016 Quarter-finalist, Page Awards (Drama Feature) - THE BONUS DAY - 2016 non-WGA Female, 40+ THE BONUS DAY (Feature drama) An elderly man and woman meet at a euthanasia clinic. When their deaths are unexpectedly postponed, they spend the day together, fall in love, then must decide if they should go through with their procedures. Character-driven, Female-centric, Medical, YA, Children's, Animation, Bittersweet Female, 40+ I am not currently repped.

  • Katherine Ruppe

    < Back Katherine Ruppe ​ Katherine is drawn to inspiring real life stories and twisty mysteries revolving around themes of resilience, courage, and redemption. Her Humanitas New Voices-winning TV drama, LIFTOFF, was awarded an Alfred P. Sloan Grant and selected for the Netflix-sponsored Film Independent Episodic Lab. Her thriller feature, TRUE NORTH, is an Athena List Winner, Nicholl Fellowship Top 30, and set to be produced by Resonate Entertainment. Katherine’s passion for story-telling was sparked while hitchhiking the Australian Outback, shooting Super 8 film, and absorbing tales of the Aboriginal Dreamtime. She has developed an original crime drama pilot with WBTV and won fellowships in the PGA Power of Diversity Workshop and Film Independent Screenwriter Lab. A former camera operator in the International Cinematographer’s Guild, Katherine worked with renown DPs on movies, docs, and TV. She’s originally from Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula, where she raced in rodeos and campaigned for her Congressman father in way too many parades. Honors & Awards Winner, Humanitas New Voices Fellowship – LIFTOFF – 2021 Fellow, Film Independent Episodic Lab – LIFTOFF – 2020 Winner, Alfred P. Sloan Development Grant – LIFTOFF – 2020 non-WGA Female LIFTOFF (TV Drama – HIDDEN FIGURES / THE RIGHT STUFF) LIFTOFF intercuts the true story of America’s first six female astronauts – who blast through the brotherhood of spaceflight in 1978 – with the heartrending Challenger disaster, which claims the life of one of our first women and spurs Sally Ride to uncover NASA secrets while keeping her own. TIME BOMB (TV Drama Thriller – à la HOMELAND) An impulsive female Undercover Agent teams with a discerning FBI Psychologist to infiltrate and take down a network of lone wolf extremists. Conflict flares when the first “time bomb” they must defuse is the Undercover’s own brother, forcing her into the heart of darkness that is domestic terrorism. IN/JUSTICE (TV Crime Drama – YELLOWSTONE / JUSTIFIED) A fearless half-Blackfeet detective returns to her rugged Montana hometown to untangle the conspiracy of her activist mother’s murder – battling the FBI, greedy oil interests, and Blackfeet militants – forever upending her delicate balance between the Native and white worlds. Character-driven, Female-centric, BIPOC-centric, Science, Crime, Thriller, Procedural Female repped

  • Shaene M. Siders

    < Back Shaene M. Siders Shaene Siders is an IBM-certified computer geek and an award-winning action, science fiction, and fantasy writer. Never read her scripts without a helmet! Her work has reached from the deepest seas (THE OCTONAUTS) to the farthest stars (NASA). A Humanitas Prize nominee, Shaene is a writer of fine explosions who geeks out over swords, sorcery, and superheroes. She recently finished as a staff writer on Cartoon Network’s Young Adult anime series INVINCIBLE FIGHT GIRL and she wrapped 5 seasons as Co-Creator, Head Writer, and Executive Producer for HELLO KITTY AND FRIENDS SUPERCUTE ADVENTURES. (Her show had more explosions than you might think!) You’ll also see her work on MARVEL'S AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, DC SUPER HERO GIRLS, the Emmy-Award-winning NIKO AND THE SWORD OF LIGHT, and LEGO MONKIE KID. Shaene is open to projects with impact. Heartwarming, heart-pounding, or fists-in-face impact. Honors & Awards Finalist Nominee for The Humanitas Prize, Humanitas - NIKO AND THE SWORD OF LIGHT, "The Automatron" - 2020 non-WGA Female, Disabled INNER DEMONS (Supernatural action thriller - Similar to CONSTANTINE or BLADE) In a mental hospital for the possessed, demons torment Dr. Brinkman's patients. Her cure? Invade Hell. With the help of a mysterious, battle-scarred angel, she fights the unrelenting archdemon Belthadar to stop him from unleashing his wrath on Earth. Character-driven, Science, Thriller, Procedural, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Animation, Magical Realism Female, Disabled Unrepped

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