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Sabine El Gemayel

Manager: Sarah Arnott, Zero Gravity Management -

Traumatic events from her childhood during the Persian revolution and the Lebanese wars shaped Sabine El Gemayel's personal interests and storytelling. She brings social issues to light with a particular focus on the socio-political differences between the Middle East and the United States, advocating for peace and dialog in a world of conflict. El Gemayel's goal is to shine light on the condition of women in conflict zones and how conscious leadership can empower communities.

Her passion for filmmaking brought her to Los Angeles, where she resides since 1994. El Gemayel was awarded a screenwriting fellowship from Hedgebrook in 2019 for her screenplay BRINGING IT HOME, where she had the honor to work with acclaimed screenwriters Robin Swicord and Jane Anderson. DreamAgo offered her a fellowship for THE THREE OF US (2009) and BRINGING IT HOME (2012).


Female, Middle Eastern, Multi-Ethnic, Over 40

Sabine El Gemayel



When an American veteran falls pregnant, doctors dismiss her debilitating health issues, until an Iraqi refugee/former midwife explains the horrific pregnancy health risks associated with her exposure to depleted uranium.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Coming-of-Age, Limited Series, International

Female, Middle Eastern, Multi-Ethnic, Over 40


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