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Robin Fusco


Robin creates layered crime and medical dramas that take the women you love to hate, put them in fucked-up situations, and make you root for them. She previously coached physicians from around the world on empathy and medical ethics, and she draws on this expertise to bring emotional truth to complex, morally ambiguous narratives. Robin was a recent WIF Writing Circle Mentee as well as an NYSCA/NYFA Screenwriting Fellow, and her scripts have placed in numerous competitions including WeScreenplay, ScreenCraft, and Cinequest. She’s also a commissioned and published playwright whose work has been produced internationally. A proud member of the Independent Writers’ Caucus and The Dramatists Guild, she was awarded an MFA in screenwriting from Point Park University. Robin tells stories that immerse us in lives unlike our own, and when she’s not writing, you can often find her out in nature hiking and conquering mountains — another way in which she expands her perspective.

Honors & Awards

Writing Circle Mentee, Women in Film - 2022

Screenwriting Fellow, NYSCA/NYFA - 2019

Winner, WeScreenplay Television Contest - COLLATERAL DAMAGE - 2018


Female, LGBTQ+

Robin Fusco


(Hourlong, Premium Drama)

A lost and desperate woman gives up everything to join a happiness commune only to discover that the leader of this supposed utopia is using psychological and physical torture to mold select devotees into perfect, made-to-order wives for wealthy, powerful men. Cut off from the outside world, she strives to gather allies who'll fight to bring their chosen home closer to its idyllic promise, but certain factions are not on board with giving up the luxuries illicit dealings afford.


(Hourlong Family/Crime Drama)

Upon release from the mental institution in which she grew up, an emotionally erratic heiress becomes seduced by the illicit, murderous side of the family business and strives to claim her place as its rightful heir.


(Hourlong Crime/Medical Drama)

An ambitious biochemist must outmaneuver her narcissistic husband, protect her children, and avoid capture by the FBI as she infiltrates the ranks of the hacktivists who have turned her revolutionary, widely distributed heart implants into murder weapons.

Science, Medical, Crime, Procedural, character-driven, female-centric, psychological, dark

Female, LGBTQ+


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