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Edward Coffey

Edward was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area to a schizophrenic, cancer-surviving single mother from the Philippines. An award-winning writer and producer, he’s also an Army combat veteran who has helped produce numerous Emmy- and Telly-winning commercials for the Department of Defense. After serving 8 ½ years in the Army, Edward returned to California and attained his master’s degree in writing for film, television & digital media. His work blends his experiences growing up poor with an immigrant single mother, using empathy to build rich and defined characters. Edward continues to serve as a jack-of-all-trades strategic communicator and content creator.


Male, Asian, Multi-Ethnic

Edward Coffey


(Half-hour dramedy - THE BEAR x CHEF)

A Filipino NYC chef finds himself in the rural Midwest to help his wife care for her ailing mother and her estate but finds himself unemployable and unable to integrate.


(Feature drama - MASS x RABBIT HOLE)

A single father navigates grief in the aftermath of a mass shooting when a conspiracy theorist gaslights his small town demanding proof the tragedy occurred.


(Sci-Fi historical one-hour drama - BACK TO THE FUTURE x GLORY)

A disgraced Special Forces officer and his diverse squad of modern soldiers travel back in time to the Civil War and become entangled in the clandestine effort to defeat the Confederacy.

Character-driven, BIPOC-centric, Science, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Historical/Alternative History, Anthology, Limited Series

Male, Asian, Multi-Ethnic


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