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Daniel Gámez


Originally from Central America, Daniel writes dysfunctional tales of the Salvadorian-American experience, both as a former immigrant (who didn’t become naturalized until the age of seventeen) and now as a guilt-stricken American Citizen with far too many rights. Having fled from the Salvadorian War at the age of three, Daniel’s take on the Latinx point-of-view is rooted in trauma yet explored through humor. At the core of his writing—whether it be as an overly judgmental spectator of his ancestors or as an ethnically put-upon participant—is Daniel’s cautionary experiences in the never-ending assimilation process, a discipline that Daniel refers to as “A Rights of ‘Otherness’ Passage.” Daniel is also a proudly maladjusted homosexual, which comes with its own otherness stories. As a film instructor, Daniel has taught at AMVA, a vocational film school for teenagers and adults on the Autistic Spectrum. Currently, he runs the Cinema Arts Focus Program at Providence High School in Burbank.


Male, Latinx, LGBTQ+

Daniel Gámez


(One-hour dramedy pilot)

A thirty-something Salvadorian-American Latino who, after getting dumped by his boyfriend for being too white-washed, attempts to win him back by moving into an ethnically populated apartment complex, all in an attempt to find the Latin roots he suppressed whilst over-assimilating in America. 


(One-hour dramedy pilot)

Set within the cutthroat world of high school mock-trials at a Law and Government Magnet program, underachieving MANNY (16) has just transferred in, determined to overcome immigrant invisibility by learning the justice system as he navigates coming-of-age as a pansexual, Latinx, illegal teen. 


(Feature traumedy)

Death-obsessed SANTIAGO (17) befriends a retiring serial-killer to help him commit suicide. However, Devon’s ‘murder-me’ plan takes an unexpected turn when the two outcasts set-out on a victim-prey love-affair that has the power to heal both their wounds. 

Character-driven, Queer, Romantic, Coming-of-Age, Dark, Bittersweet

Male, Latinx, LGBTQ+


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