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Wallaine Sarao

Wallaine Sarao writes coming of age drama and sci-fi/fantasy genre for TV and Film; she graduated from USC’s MFA Screenwriting program in 2007. Her feature PAST DUE won the Cynosure Grand Prize in 2009, and she was in the FOX Writers Program in 2010 and the Black List Features Writers Lab in 2017. Recently, she got a feature on the 2021


She grew up with a crazy religious mother and a father who loved to play the slots, and while they argued, she watched one movie over and over:STAND BY ME. She watched it so much because she relates to the character Gordy and writes stories about outsiders, complicated families, and strained mother daughter relationships.

Honors & Awards

The CAPE List - HONEY - 2021

Deadline Article

Black List Features Writers Lab - PAST DUE - 2017

FOX Writers Program - 2009


Female, BIPOC, Asian, Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander, LGBTQ+

Wallaine Sarao


(Horror, thriller - THE CROW meets BLACK SWAN)

After being possessed by the ominous Tigma, one woman spends a night hunting down the men who brutally beat her and left her for dead.


(Coming-of-Age - LADY BIRD meets STAND BY ME)

When a Filipina girl from a devout Christian family winds up pregnant, she and her two best friends compete for a dance contest prize to pay for her abortion.


(Coming-of-Age, Drama - THIS IS US)

Sixteen-year-old Krista gets thrust into a new world at home and at school as she deals with her parents divorce, her best friend betraying her, and realizing that she's into girls.

Character-driven, Female-centric, BIPOC-centric, Queer, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, YA

Female, BIPOC, Asian, Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander, LGBTQ+


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