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Ryan B Massey

“Storytelling is Good Medicine.” Coming from a family of caregivers and healers, Ryan has discovered the powerful healing that can come from his storytelling. This talent was sharpened by getting his MFA in feature writing at Loyola Marymount. Currently he has spent the COVID19 pandemic working in healthcare, doing what he can to help out. He just recently started submitting his script, FRACTURED, into various festivals and competitions while also working on converting an original pilot into a novel.


Male, LGBTQ+

Ryan B Massey


(Drama - Feature)

An 8-year-old survivor of a school shooting regresses into an imaginary world of superheroes to try to make sense of what he’s seen only to have fantasy and reality battle each other for survival.


(TV Pilot - Drama) 

A genetically-modified man uncovers a government conspiracy after a monster attack destroys a portion of the last human city, killing his lover. Clues lead him to question what is the real monster: the beasts outside, the modified people who turn into them, or the government who created them to defend humanity.


(Feature - Animation) 

An orphan girl, a dishonored warrior, and a fairy battle through the spirit world to save the girl’s grandmother held captive by the corrupting Darkness that threatens to destroy everything.

Character-driven, Queer, Fantasy, YA, Children's, Animation, Magical Realism

Male, LGBTQ+


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