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Rantz A. Hoseley


Rantz Hoseley’s career began with his work as a storyboard artist on rock videos for a number of bands including Aerosmith and the Scorpions.

His recent work in film and television includes co-writing a feature film for 20th Century Fox based on Kevin J. Anderson’s novel ILL WIND as well as directing the animated music videos for SIXX:A.M.’s new version of their hit “Life Is Beautiful” and Mötley Crüe’s “Ride With The Devil.”

The 2021 short film DIE is his live-action directorial debut.

In the field of graphic novels, he is the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning Editor of the 2008 anthology Comic Book Tattoo, and currently serves as the VP of Editorial for Z2 Comics, where he oversees the creative publishing slate for musical artists including Melissa Etheridge, GWAR, Judas Priest, Elvis, Tori Amos, and Jack White. In this role, he’s worked with a number of acclaimed writers including Kelly Sue DeConnick, Steve Niles, Neil Gaiman, and Margaret Atwood.

Currently, he is in pre-production on THE SINNERS ALMANAC, a feature based on his experience of growing up in the 1980s with a serial killer as his assistant scoutmaster. His filmic focus is character-driven independent films that reflect the complexity and terrible beauty of the human condition.

Honors & Awards

Winner, Eisner Award - COMIC BOOK TATTOO - 2009

Winner, Harvey Award - COMIC BOOK TATTOO - 2009

Nominee, British Fantasy Award, Best Graphic Novel - COMIC BOOK TATTOO - 2009

WGA Post-current Member

Male, Over 40, Over 55

Rantz A. Hoseley


(Feature Drama - comp: WINTERS BONE)

Based on actual events in the 1980s, THE SINNERS ALMANAC is a dark dive into coming of age that unflinchingly explores how razor thin the line can be between a culture of “acceptable” violence & actual murder, when a community is plagued by a string of brutal serial killings.



A darkly comic fable exploring mourning and loss in modern society, DOGSBODY follows Theo Jessup as he navigates an absurd & surreal odyssey of global conspiracies, support groups, and ghostly visitors after the death of his dog, the world’s most famous spokespet.


(Wry Drama Feature - comp: TRIANGLE OF SADNESS)

An estranged family’s attempts to reconnect and reconcile during a summer holiday go completely akimbo when a 40 ton dead whale washes up near their beachfront rental house. Things go even further awry when the locals decide to deal with the problem by using dynamite to destroy the whale.

Character-driven, Coming-of-Age, Dark, Bittersweet

Male, Over 40, Over 55


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