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Nick Tassoni

Nick writes about monsters. He does so because he was scared shitless of everything as a kid. Especially monsters. Boogeymen, aliens, creatures in the woods, the mechanical shark from Jaws. They all scared the hell out of him. Now that he's grown up, his fears have grown too.

Aging, isolation, family pressure. His writing turns those monsters from his childhood into metaphors for obstacles we all face. Nick hails from New Bedford, MA. A port city near Boston. His script SILK, a story about ghost spiders (yes, really), was recently optioned.

Nick is an Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition Finalist, Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder, Screencraft Horror Semifinalist, and PAGE International Screenwriting Competition Semifinalist. He loves dinosaurs, reading, hiking, and people… most people.

Honors & Awards

Finalist, Emerging Screenwriters Genre Screenplay Competition - SILK - 2022

Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Horror Competition - SILK - 2022

Black List 8 Score - BEASTS OF BURDEN - 2021



Nick Tassoni


(Horror - 127 HOURS meets UNDER THE SKIN)

A stranded addict is lured into the woods by an unearthly predator mimicking her dead daughter.


(Horror - HEREDITARY meets THE FLY)

An estranged son returns home to Maine when his father goes missing and discovers a sinister web of lies surrounding his family, and a grotesque creature stalking the local woods.



A hunter and a conservationist are chased by a murderous cult into the backwoods of West Virginia. They realize if caught they’ll be sacrificed to a horrific creature the cult worships, the Mothman.

Thriller, Horror



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