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Monique Madrid


Monique Madrid is a BIPOC (Native American/Hispanic/white) comedy writer. She got her start in Chicago performing sketch and improv, including with The Second City. She made her TV writing debut in 2020 on the DISNEY CHANNEL HOUSE PARTY.

Monique writes female-driven comedies, often with a satirical edge, and has multiple original half-hour samples available about everything from being a recovering Evangelical to dealing with conspiracy-believing parents to tackling mental illness through the power of art. Her pilot THE MISEDUCATION OF LAUREN HILLARD was a top finalist in the Episodic Comedy Screenwriter colony and a quarter-finalist in the WeScreenplay Television Competition.

She is the creator of “2 Girls 1 Pup” - the comedy show you can bring your dog! (Named one of the “10 Best New Stand-Up Shows in LA” by LA Weekly), as well as its podcast and “PUP-QUIZ” game show. Her show “Bitch I’ll Cut You,” a late-night talk show where she gives a guest a haircut in front of a live audience, was a festival favorite, earning the “Critic’s Choice” award by Timeout Chicago. She's also the former west coast editor of Serial Optimist Magazine, a Reductress contributor, and was invited into The Onion Writer’s Workshop.

Currently, Monique is a co-creator with the GoKidGo Audio Imagination podcast network and is producing a new series about a girl who learns about history with her best friend, a 187-year-old time-traveling Galapagos tortoise.

WGA Associate Member

Female, BIPOC, Latinx, Indigenous/Native American, Multi-Ethnic, Disabled, 40+

Monique Madrid


(1/2 hr comedy - PEN15 meets SAVED!)

A born-again teen attending a 5-room Evangelical Christian school in the 90s begins to question everything she’s been taught, especially about sex, as she tries to balance teen awkwardness with a Jesus-approved life. 


(1/2 hr comedy - think SUPERSTORE & ABBOTT ELEMENTARY with a touch of SCHITT'S CREEK)

When corporate condo developers threaten her beloved flea market, Dani, a young type-A Latina, learns the power of community and art as she helps her dementia-stricken boss and bands together with a tight-knit group of artists, vendors and weirdos to Save The Flea.


(1/2 hr comedy - BOB’S BURGERS meets THE GREAT NORTH)

A mixed-race, failing adult millennial moves back home with her conspiracy-believing, home makeover genius of a father and discovers the joys and anxieties of reconnecting with her uniquely blended family. 

Character-driven, Female-centric, BIPOC-centric, Coming-of-Age, Animation, Satire, Late Night, Sketch

Female, BIPOC, Latinx, Indigenous/Native American, Multi-Ethnic, Disabled, 40+


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